TwilightVulpine ,

It's funny that in a game about demonic cults and blood sacrifices this is somehow considered unusually controversial.

Pons_Aelius ,

Is it really that surprising?

20 years ago The Hot coffee scandal was massive.

Allowing fully clothed humping in a game where you could beat and rob sex workers (and just kill random people) was seen as a massive scandal.

kayjay ,

In the US, extreme violence has always been a lot more accepted than nudity. Which really says a lot about what kind of values the society has when completely natural human biology is shunned and anti-social destructive behavior isn’t.

TwilightVulpine ,

That's true, but blasphemous content created a lot more controversy than sheer violence. I remember when D&D books were getting burned because parents thought it was satanist.

Cult of the Lamb is explicitly demonic and yet it's still the possible addition of sex that is creating all this hubbub. Personally I think it's going to be about as explicit as The Sims at most, getting in a sleeping bag and them some shaking and effects.

Thjoth ,

Cult of the Lamb was and still is massively controversial among evangelicals and other extremely religious/Christian people since it's so blasphemous. The falling number of Christians in the US combined with the echo chamber effect on the Internet just (ironically) means all the religious rage doesn't leak out and permeate all of society like it used to.

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