Elon Musk demanded a cameo in Cyberpunk 2077 while wielding a 200 year old gun: "I was armed but not dangerous"

While Elon’s then-partner Grimes was recording her part in the game as cyborg popstar Lizzy Wizzy, the erratic tech billionaire turned up with an antique firearm to “insist” on being included in the game. “The studio guys were like sweating,” Grimes is quoted as saying. Musk adds “I told them that I was armed but not dangerous”.

Apparently, the developers relented at the time, though it’s unclear if Musk did actually get the cameo in the end.

gingerrich ,

What an absolute cunt of a human being.

gaael ,

Off-topic below.

Btw, I saw some posters here still use the slur “cunt”.

It’s my understanding that depending on which country you’re from (eg Australia or UK) this slur might not carry a sexist connotation in the mainstream culture, so I don’t think any of you used it with the intent of being sexist.

Nevertheless, in the feminist circles I belong to, uskng a word that describes the genitalia of AFAB as a slur carries a sexist charge whether it was the intent or not. So we try to create new slur reflexes for ourselves and tend to use other words that do not carry an offensive charge towards a discriminated category.

Please do not take this as a personal attack or an attempt to tell you how to speak, I just think we can do better as a community if everyone spots the stuff they are the more sensitive to and explains to the others why they see a problem.

**On-topic.**Elon, please get lost in outer space in one of your stupid rockets.

AlboTheGuy ,
@AlboTheGuy@feddit.nl avatar

Will keep in mind

p03locke ,
@p03locke@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar


While I don’t disagree with the general argument you’re presenting, you must be pretty deep in those feminist circles to assume that you can just use an abbreviation like AFAB in casual conversation, and expect people to just understand what you’re talking about.

gaael ,

You are right, I should not have assumed that.

And I should actually not have used this description, because vulvas are not exclusive to people Assigned Female At Birth, as another commenter pointed out.

Squirrel ,
@Squirrel@thelemmy.club avatar

It’s obviously “all females are bastards.”

abhibeckert ,

The C word is not acceptable in Australia.

ryannathans ,

Cunts are just fine here. All my mates are cunts and all the cunts are mates

arefx ,

Instance checks out

Dalek_Thal ,
@Dalek_Thal@aussie.zone avatar


Speaking from a feminstic but also Australian position, I think it’s kinda problematic to outright ban language internationally when the connotation of concern is specific to one culture. We use that word pretty liberally here, and it isn’t done so with remotely the same definition; instead, it is typically used interchangeably with “dickhead” and “arsehole”. Whilst I definitely support your efforts, I don’t think this is the right way to go about it, as it’s a very clear use of American exceptionalism when Americans, taken as a part of the world, make up a minority of people on the Internet.


Yeahhhh, Elon both frightens and disgusts me. What a selfish twat.

BuboScandiacus ,
@BuboScandiacus@mander.xyz avatar

Why is calling someone a cunt sexist but calling someone a dickhead not ?

arefx ,

If someone thinks one is sexist and not the other, they are a moron.

It’s dumb to be offended by either in my opinion.

douglasg14b ,

Probably because of the “you can’t be sexist against males” standpoint

arefx ,

No more using the word dick either guys! Oh wait while we’re on it no more saying anything offensive guys, G rated at all times wouldn’t want to accidentally offend anyone.

zazaserty ,
@zazaserty@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

Careful, you could offend someone 😰

Erdrick ,

Words have meanings and their acceptance by society changes over time.
I’m middle of the road on the topic.
To me though, “dick” and “cunt” are perfectly effective words that I employ as needed.

Also, relevant link…


PrinceFidget ,


Link to a great video about the word.

jcarax ,

My major problem is that our culture and history are interwoven with language. An attack on offensive language could very well, maybe unintentionally, disconnect us further from our culture and history. Not all of that history and culture is great, but even then, we need to stay connected so that we can continue to learn from it for as many generations as possible.

We live in a world where we’ve been trading in culture for convenience. Now we have some burning books and attacking change. On the other side, we have others who are attacking anything remotely offensive to them, attempting to banish it. The casualty of this war will be the little we have left of our cultural traditions.

Vodulas ,

What culture do we lose when we remove hateful words from the cultural lexicon?

NuPNuA ,

If the word is used regularly in British and Australian language, it’s cultural imperialism for Americans to ask us to stop using it because they’ve decided it’s offensive.

Vodulas ,

I wasn’t talking about cunt. I don’t think that is considered hateful, even in the US. The person I was replying to was making a very generalized statement

jcarax ,

I don’t really know, to be honest. But the way culture and language are intertwined, and how unnerving it is for people to be asked to adjust their lexicon, it concerns the heck out of me. Not book banning and burning levels of concerned, but in the same direction.

Vodulas ,

I dunno, I think we gain a better understanding of culture and history when we take a look at these words, their history and why they are hurtful, and decide to stop using them. Once you see things from the point of view of the people that have been called these things, it opens you up to be more empathetic.

jcarax ,

Oh trust me, I’ve been called plenty of things, and have hurt for a great deal of my life as a result. I’ve also said awful things, and hurt even more for that.

I just think that separating people from parts of their language is more akin to a cultural lobotomy than anything else. Taking aspects of language from someone who does not truly understand why, will surely be jarring, and lead to negative reactions more often than not. I don’t think this is going to have a long term positive effect, unless we take the slow road of working to understand each other, and truly embrace all diversity. If we condemn those who hurt us, it only acts to drive more of a wedge through our society.

Telling someone that their actions which are fundamental to their being are hurtful to you, and they need to change, is in fact hurtful to them. It’s not their fault how they were raised, and how their experiences have shaped them, no matter how horrible someone might be. But if we embrace the diversity they add to society, and support them where we can, they just might come to see it for themselves, and strive to be better.

Only the individual can decide to change themself for the better. And even then, it’s a life long journey, and often only minimal changes are possible. So, we should be celebrating the efforts they put forth, not condemning them for the things they don’t have the capacity to change.

Vodulas ,

Taking aspects of language from someone who does not truly understand why,

That is why you tell them why. “Hey, did you know that word is from the eugenics movement?” or “Hey here is why what you just said is racist.” Saying that is akin to getting a part of your brain cut out is super extreme.

Telling someone that their actions which are fundamental to their being are hurtful to you, and they need to change, is in fact hurtful to them.

If using harmful words is fundamental to your being, you have a lot of other things to work on. Saying that you can’t tell someone that they hurt you because it hurts them is some real victim blaming BS.

It’s not their fault how they were raised, and how their experiences have shaped them, no matter how horrible someone might be.

I never said it was, but they need to know what they do is harmful before they can start to unpack that.

But if we embrace the diversity they add to society,



Only the individual can decide to change themself for the better.

Very true, but the first step is knowing you need to change.

And even then, it’s a life long journey,

Yup, and long journeys start with a single step.

and often only minimal changes are possible.

I would say sometimes, but what I find more true with the people I know, is that once the dam is broken, they start to look at the other things in their life that they can be better in and a cascade effect happens.

So, we should be celebrating the efforts they put forth, not condemning them for the things they don’t have the capacity to change.

I think this is where the meat of the rub lies. Telling someone what they are doing is hurtful is not a condemnation. People tend to take it that way and get defensive, but even the best of us has some gaps in their knowledge. Especially in colonized parts of the world. Being made aware of them is not an insult. It means someone cares enough to bring it to your attention and thinks that you don’t actually want to say harmful things, and they believe you want to be better.

Sorry for the wall of text, but there was a lot to unravel there.

bermuda ,

Oh wait while we’re on it no more saying anything offensive guy

you are on beehaw, so yes you probably should try not to offend people.

Stumblinbear ,
@Stumblinbear@pawb.social avatar

Slur? That’s not a slur. Fuck outta here with that

saltedFish ,


Draedron ,

Don’t be a dick. Sorry for the slur

gaael ,

Thank your for your very interesting opinion.

MarioSpeedWagon ,

Touch some grass

gaael ,

Thank your for your very interesting opinion.

leggysnakegirl ,

A vagina is not exclusive to afab people. Post-op trans folks can gain and lose them.

gaael ,

You are absolutely right, I should have thought of it. Thanks for the correction !

utubas ,

You have too much free time.

gaael ,

Thank your for your very interesting opinion.

gaael ,

Off-topic only, has nothing to do with the content related to CP2077 and the muskrat

So, based on some comments here, it looks like I came across as trying to ban language, to forbid words, to restrict your free speech.

As stated in my original post, this was and still is not my intention. I have not attacked personally the persones using “cunt”, nor have I said no one should say that.

I just shared a reflexion, because that’s why I sign up on social media platforms.

I am happy that some people felt safe enough in this community to explain why they think my views are incorrect, I actually learned some things thanks to you.

I’m not trying to ban the “cunt” word from language - and if I was, it would be so laughable to think I could have that kind of influence.

I just believe that the words we use have an effect on people. And I think it’s worth it to sometimes pause and wonder which words we are using and if we can use better ones.

I’m not going to engage further on this topic in this channel, it’s probably not the most appropriate space.

StereoTypo ,
@StereoTypo@beehaw.org avatar

I appreciated your tone, it was measured and considerate.

Squirrel ,
@Squirrel@thelemmy.club avatar

So, serious question: why is “dick” okay and “cunt” is not? The former is much more common than the latter, both as an insult and (especially) as a reference to genitalia. While “cunt” is generally seen (in the US) as a more severely insulting word, it’s also rarely used in reference to genitalia (in my experience as a cis male).

nora ,

I don’t necessarily think either are great insults tbh and it’d be nice to see dick phased out.

DdCno1 ,

Language isn’t logical, it’s not governed by firm rules. It is, because that’s how it developed over time. In 10, 20 or 50 years, this might change entirely.

d3m0nr4v3r ,
@d3m0nr4v3r@feddit.de avatar

It wouldn’t be by that logic! Just nobody cares I guess

Nimfi ,
@Nimfi@beehaw.org avatar

this dude has to be the corniest mf i’ve seen, and that’s the nicest thing i have to say about him.

Empricorn , (edited )

it’s unclear if Musk did actually get the cameo in the end.

Uh, what? How is that unclear? Is he in the game? No?? Then he didn’t “get the cameo”, even if they went so far as to map his face, etc…

raccoona_nongrata ,
@raccoona_nongrata@beehaw.org avatar

I choose to believe the author doesn’t know what the word cameo means and was too embarrased to ask anyone. In that light it makes the article much more impressive.

Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

I can’t recall ever seeing a Musk character; but Hideo Kojima made an appearance as himself.

Hdcase OP ,

For real? Where, when?

Makes sense, there are some big Cyberpunk Easter eggs in Death Stranding so he must get along with CDPR.

Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

He is in the bar of the hotel when you first start the heist at the beginning.

AlboTheGuy ,
@AlboTheGuy@feddit.nl avatar

I always felt like cameo was a sweet or something

Banzai51 ,
@Banzai51@midwest.social avatar

There are plenty of drugged out street filth with guns in the game. You SURE he didn’t have a cameo?

Empricorn ,

Not even slightly sure. But out of all the people playing, modifying, and data-mining it, they still haven’t found an obviously Musk face somewhere…?

Hdcase OP ,

Some people believe he showed up briefly in one scene in the background but it was never substantiated.

reverendsteveii ,

They told him to get fucked, so one of his chode toadies on xitter started a rumor that they added him to the game and then removed him in a patch.

shiveyarbles ,


Entertainmeonly ,

This is easily verified by installing an original hard copy into a xbox one with no internet. It installs a “beta” version. You know you did it correctly when the opening scene has no over dialogue just music. Every vendor stand can be interacted with and certain models can be looked at in 3d in the menus. It’s wild to play now that we’re on 2.0.

mateomaui ,

If doucheboy gets one, I’m requesting a mod to purge his ass.

TwilightVulpine ,

What a ridiculous society we live in that someone can be so rich that they get to threaten people with a gun and don't get arrested. What an unhinged asshole he is.

driving_crooner ,
@driving_crooner@lemmy.eco.br avatar

You don’t even need to be rich, being a cop is more that enough.

Gamey ,

At least those bastards certainly aren’t rich, better than nothing I guess!

qyron , (edited )

I don’t own this game and I don’t intend on buying any time soon.

But when I eventually get it, if I think find that figure in the game, I’m going after it and throw it off a very tall building. Twice.

bermuda ,

I played through the main story twice and I dont ever remember encountering a character based on Elon or a character voiced by him. His then-girlfriend Grimes has a character with a medium length side-questline, but that character isn’t based on her either. Part of the quest means “dealing with” her new boyfriend, but I didn’t really think that guy was based on Elon either.

There are a lot of corpo people in the game that you deal with, but most of them are just parodies of all billionaires, not really one in particular.

Would be shitty if he’s in Phantom Liberty though.

reverendsteveii ,


You did not encounter elon, a character based on him, or a character voiced by him in cyberpunk 2077

reksas ,

If they ended up adding him him in any way, he should be just removed. That piece of shit parasite shouldnt get any recognition anywhere. Not even negative.

Joker ,

What if they turned him into a drooling hobo or cyber psycho who fried his brain with a homemade implant? I could be down with that. If not, I’m counting on a mod to remove his ass.

apotheotic ,

Homeless folk are victims of a system(generally), he doesn’t deserve to be portrayed that way

Joker ,

He would be the victim of his implant.

apotheotic ,

I’m down with that bit for sure - would prefer the cyber psycho or just finding him as a corpse with a letter or something and some environmental storytelling. Nothing too high effort, mind. But it’d be nice to at least virtually know he fucked himself

reksas ,

Any mention will also preserve his name which he doesnt deserve.

frog ,

So… basically, Musk turned up at a studio and threatened the devs with a gun (which antique or not, could have been loaded and functional - shooting with antique guns is a thing) to make them put him in the game?

I know there’s a massive cultural difference around guns between the UK and the US, but I’m genuinely struggling to see how “a man has turned up to our studio with a gun because he wants us to put him in our game” doesn’t warrant a call to the police.

Sabata11792 ,
@Sabata11792@kbin.social avatar

He's rich, the law dose not apply. He could have paid his way out of a few murder charges too.

frog ,

Hence why, when calling the police, you wouldn’t say who it is. Just “a man” or “a person” has come in with the gun. Which happens to be true, since until proved otherwise, Musk can indeed be accurately described as a person. Whether he manages to wiggle out of it later is less important than the immediate problem of getting the gun-wielding lunatic out of the studio.

Sabata11792 ,
@Sabata11792@kbin.social avatar

Musk can indeed be accurately described as a person

Kinda pushing things here, but I see where your coming from.

frog ,

Yeah, hence why I said “until proven otherwise”. At some point someone will pull the mask off and reveal the monstrosity underneath. But until then we have to be the bigger people, give the benefit of the doubt, and assume he is actually a human being.

luciferofastora ,

Whether or not the gun was loaded, the person wielding it sure was, and it’s much easier to say “Call the cops on him” if you’re not worried about whether that guy might be rich and vindictive enough to ruin your life over it.

No matter whether Musk would have actually had any way of doing so, the fear of the possibility alone can be enough to cow you into compliance.

frog ,

There are ways of surreptitiously sending a message to, say, someone who isn’t in the room, without making it a very obvious call to the police. Or, for that matter, just dial the number on your phone and don’t say anything other than “your gun is really impressive but I’m a bit uncomfortable with having it pointed in this direction”. The operator on the other end will know what to do with that.

Because another way Musk could ruin your life is shooting you while showing off and waving a gun around, given that he is immature and arrogant enough to have loaded it, and reckless enough for his finger to slip.

VegaLyrae ,

Yes thankfully we have 911 by text in much of the USA now

VegaLyrae ,

US gun owner here:

It 100% warrants a call to the police.

Sounds like assault with a deadly weapon, and if he took it out to show, then it's brandishing. It doesn't matter if it was non-firming because the target didn't know that, and typically these laws are written to be what "a reasonable person would believe".

Also, at the time this happened he was a known user of Marijuana and thus not eligible to own a firearm, as that rule had not yet been struck down.

frog ,

Thanks for the explanation! It sounds fairly similar to the law here, where it’s based on what a reasonable person would believe - so even waving a realistic toy gun at someone would get someone in trouble, if the person being threatened with it would reasonably believe it was real.

reverendsteveii ,

Sounds like assault with a deadly weapon

If charged as a felony, you could be facing a sentence of two to four years in State prison. Regular assault (Penal Code § 240), is always charged as a misdemeanor offense.

The instrument used includes any type of firearm, knife, bat, car, or anything other type of weapon that could produce significant harm to the victim.

In order to prove a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, the prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you assaulted another person and you used a deadly weapon or force that would likely result in great bodily injury.

An assault charge does not require that you actually make physical contact with or injure the person.


If this was in California he is absolutely guilty of assault with a deadly weapon based on what he has admitted to personally.

averagedrunk ,

Yep. I like guns. I like old guns. I wouldn’t show up to someone’s job telling them to include me in their project unless I was invited.

CSharp ,

Don’t believe the marijuana + gun = federal crime has been struck down

VegaLyrae ,

In the 10th and 5th circuit it is iirc.

It's still on the forms and the ATF can probably arrest you for it, but as of last month you would have 2 federal circuits of precedent.


doggle ,

It’s unclear if this even happened in the US; CD Projekt is Polish…

Also consider that the gun wan apparently, no shit, a flintlock pistol. They may have thought it was a prop or something.

frog ,

I don’t think the Polish are more likely to be fine with having a gun waved at them than any other nationality.

@YMS@kbin.social avatar

The English voice recordings for Cyberpunk 2077 were all done in London and LA. So it's basically sure that it wasn't Poland, and it's much more likely that it was LA than London in this case.

reverendsteveii ,

I have shot and killed a deer with a flintlock gun. They’re not toys or props. He committed assault with a deadly weapon and the whole word is just like “Oh, that’s just wish.com iron man. You know how he is.”

zik ,

Grimes would have recorded at a studio in the US along with the other English language voice actors.

Hdcase OP ,

I assume it happened at a recording or mo-cap studio in the states.

storksforlegs ,
@storksforlegs@beehaw.org avatar

What a tool.

Chozo ,
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

Elon is literally everything Cyberpunk warns is about. He's the biggest corpocunt the world has ever seen. Arasaka is exactly what Elon wants X Corp to be. He's actually trying to make chips that get implanted into your brain. He wants his own Relic. He wants to be the immortal Saburo Arasaka.

The lack of self awareness is astounding.

Skyline969 ,
@Skyline969@lemmy.ca avatar

If Keanu was in the studio that day, someone should have said “Silverhand, arm the nuke.”

doom_and_gloom , (edited )


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  • tias ,

    I’m in the camp that is just trying to acclimatize and mentally prepare.

    ConsciousCode ,

    Can’t be a billionaire if you pass a certain threshold of self-awareness, it’s the rules.

    tricoro ,

    And nobody took a video, or even a photo?

    Bougie_Birdie ,

    Taking a photo of a man threatening you at gunpoint seems like a good way to get shot

    HuddaBudda ,
    @HuddaBudda@kbin.social avatar

    The thing about being "Armed" is the fact you are indeed dangerous. As a gun is a tool with one job, to kill people.

    It's not like a gun is a fashion accessory for these people..... right?

    mp3 ,
    @mp3@lemmy.ca avatar

    Make it a subtle easter egg where a Corpo CEO packed with neural cyberwares crashed and burned in his self-driving Caliburn lol

    Seathru ,

    With the assets already there, the mod opportunities are endless.

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