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apprehensively_human , in Running With Scissors Studios gives permission to pirate games

I have to imagine a comment like this does absolutely nothing to their sales figures. People who were going to download a cracked version of their games anyway remain unaffected now that they have a blessing, and I doubt people who weren’t going to pirate would now feel more inclined to do so.

This seems like good PR and frankly it should probably be the default position for games studios.

verysoft ,

It won't have a large effect, but in previous examples of companies doing this, comments would lead me to believe more people who pirated end up buying the game to support the devs after trying it. It makes sense too, but same pirates are unlikely to buy anything that had denuvo and stuff shoved into it.

freeman ,

Some games you dont even need a crack or anything, just access to the files.

For example with KSP, you can just clone the game directory anywhere and run it from there. Doesnt even need steam. Heck i copied it over to an M1 macbook once just to test the Macbooks performance…

Thats also how the mod managers like CKAN work with the game.

giant_smeeg ,

Yeah, the whole piracy crackdown situation is so stupid.

I pirate a lot of media, if you added it all up it would be a lot of money (if I was to buy everything). The difference is, before I pirated I barely bought any of the media.

  • I pirate some games that i’d never buy. I buy all games I want to support.
  • I pay TV licence, netflix and amazon. I pirate tons of TV series because they aren’t on those services. I literally can’t buy some of them and if I could i’d need about 10 different streaming services.
  • Films, I pirate a lot of films. Before I pirated I never bought any films, i’d either wait for netflix/normal TV or just not watch them. I still go to the cinema for big releases.
  • I subscribe on patreon, github and donate to LOADS of projects, many of which i’ve pirated first or obtained a copy of (books are a big one here).

If you were to objectively look at the value of the pirated media, it would seem that i’ve “stolen” or studios have missed out on lots of revenue, but the truth is I pirate a lot of media, just because I can.

Rynelan ,

It’s the streaming part for me.

Few years ago there was Netflix and Film1 in our country and an ISP with TV that also had a movie service.

That was about it.

Now there’s Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, SkyShowtime, Apple TV+ and ViaPlay added to it.

It’s impossible to have have just 1 and view what you want. Ofcourse you can keep on switching but some of them but it’s all just making it more complicated.

Solution? Pirate it. One source and everything available even stuff that isn’t on any on those services.

Also some movies can’t be bought digital.

IMO all movies and series should be available on any platform and let the streaming service decide if they want to have it in their portfolio. Only the “originals” should be locked to a platform to keep stuff unique.

And make every damn movie and series available for purchase.

giant_smeeg ,

IMO all movies and series should be available on any platform and let the streaming service decide if they want to have it in their portfolio. Only the “originals” should be locked to a platform to keep stuff unique.

That’s just cable though. Not sure that’ll be any better. The second a company sees a revenue stream or thinks they’re missing out. They monetise it to the detriment of the customers.

WildlyCanadian , avatar

Just adding on to this, every game I’ve ever pirated I ended up buying later on. Or I bought in the past (this applies to the games I emulate)

giant_smeeg ,

I would say 80% of the games I pirate, I put less than 30 mins into it.

teawrecks ,

I was going to say, all artists should share this position, but I’ll do one better: if you don’t have this position, you’re not an artist. Feels bold to make any absolute claim about what makes an artist, but I feel safe on this one. If making sure you’re fairly compensated is higher priority than sharing your art, then you’re not an artist.

xgranade ,

Artists, like all laborers, should be fairly compensated for their work. The idea that love of art should necessarily come into conflict with fair compensation is a primary vehicle for continuing the exploitation of creative labor.

That is somewhat orthogonal to the issue of piracy, though. Some of the most strongly anti-piracy platforms out there are also absolutely terrible in terms of labor rights (hence the current strikes in Hollywood, for instance). It’s notable that in this case, the studio seems to be saying fairly explicitly that piracy is indeed not the main obstacle to fair compensation, such that no conflict between their stance and labor rights needs to exist.

teawrecks ,

If you think I’m arguing that artists should not be compensated for their work, then I’ve completely misrepresented myself. Is that what you thought I meant?

Sentinian , avatar

Before this tweet, they also mentioned piracy over grey market keyshops, which seems to be a lot more of a valid reason to endorse it. This seemly links to that tweet.

SternburgExport , in World of Goo 2 - Official Trailer 1 - YouTube

Words can‘t describe how excited I am for this. I played through the first one so many times.

figjam , in so do you think the rumors are true about Heroes of the Storm?

Hots was the only game of the genre that I enjoyed. Still not touching it til kotik is gone

kobold , avatar

Played League since open beta... got into HotS and never looked back until it crashed and burned. Don't think I could get into a moba again.

...unless HotS makes a comeback... i do miss my baby abathur...

CoconutKnight , in Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of December 3rd


it's an indie city builder in which your first goal is to secure the survival of the settlement. Graphics are adorable and retro-ish and the gameplay is challenging. Although it could use a it more polishing and there is some getting used to the games quirks. But it's quite cheap (~3€) so I feel it's okay.

Umbrias , in A Thorough (9.5 hours!) Look at Fallout from Noah Caldwell-Gervais

Brother why would you watch a 10 hour video. Just play the game at that point.

ConstableJelly OP , (edited )

Yeah, I feel like I gave the impression this is just a full gameplay video or something. It's not, it's a critical analysis.

He does essentially review each game, but he also talks about stuff like the different paradigms of art in games: narrative, gameplay, choice, environmental design and storytelling, as well as their intersections (or their lack). For this series especially, he highlights those elements in contrast between the Interplay/Obsidian games and the Bethesda games.

I'm not actually interested in playing the games, but I love this kind of critique.

Helix Bot , in World of Goo 2 - Official Trailer 1 - YouTube avatar

Sick. That excited me more than the GTA6 trailer. Hope they also release another Little Inferno 😍

WhipperSnapper , avatar

Man, I just didn't get Little Inferno. Glad some folks enjoyed it, maybe I just didn't understand what to do really? Oddly enough, the theme song pops in my head sometimes.

averyminya , in so do you think the rumors are true about Heroes of the Storm?

I feel like the chances are high that more dead IPs would be revived under MS than ActiBlizz

HawlSera OP ,

Apparently StarCraft was fingered as an IP they'd want to bring back and HOTS does use the SC2 engine

Stillhart , in so do you think the rumors are true about Heroes of the Storm? avatar

For the sake of those who love the game, I hope it's true. Personally, I doubt it, but who knows...

quicken , in A Thorough (9.5 hours!) Look at Fallout from Noah Caldwell-Gervais

What's with these hours long youtube essays? Surely some editing would be beneficial? And, in this case, publish the chapters separately.

ConstableJelly OP ,

Well, there's an audience for it. I love long-form critiques, to the point where I'm generally less inclined to bother with anything less than around 45 minutes because it's just not enough time to explore anything with the kind of depth that interests me the most (that's a pretty loose rule though, some topics can be incredibly interesting but just don't need a long-form analysis).

This essay actually covers about...9 games in the series I think? (1, 2, Tactics, Brotherhood of Steel, 3, New Vegas, a mobile game, 4, and 76). That includes all DLC as well, so it averages about 1-1.5 hours per game (variably, BoS and the mobile game both get significantly less time). And it is split into chapters with the YouTube feature.

I do know that's still not appealing for everyone. I appreciate the top comment on the video: "Sweet baby Jesus."

AntiGuide , in Redesigning the Steam UI from Scratch

I love redesigns like this. It shows you the flaws and the potential current UI has. Bonus points if it is an app you know and use.

DmMacniel , in so do you think the rumors are true about Heroes of the Storm? avatar

That would be pretty cool for those who cling to Heroes of the Storm. It has a solid foundation and is a nice refresh on the same old formula.

HawlSera OP ,

I call it "The only good MOBA to ever exist"

knokelmaat , in LAST SENTINEL Official Announce Trailer

That android mother face is quite a visual!

gk99 , in so do you think the rumors are true about Heroes of the Storm?

Microsoft works in mysterious ways. Another oddity is how the Microsoft Store version of The Evil Within is a more-updated, more-featured version of the game than every other version including on console, and I don't think they've ever acknowledged it. It only released when they bought Bethesda, so maybe it's a similar story here where they're just putting out some unreleased work.

Or maybe not idk I'm not omniscient

HawlSera , in Warcraft 2 / Starcraft type games ( or clones, or engine recreations )

Halo Wars 2 is on Steam

HawlSera , in EU court rules people can resell digital games

This is pretty stupid considering digital Goods have no physical presence, no scarcity,

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