kadu ,
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I love FPS games. I love MMOs. Heard about Destiny 2 and downloaded it.

Gave up after 2 hours.

Gameplay is great, graphics are great, gunplay is excellent.

However, the experience for newcomers is abysmal. It’s unclear where to go, what to do, who the fuck matters or not to the story, what the story even is, and what mechanics matter or not.

And then there are “full beginner’s guide” articles that actually assume you already understand every location and jargon, and after reading a literal wall of text, they drop some information like “btw during the first 30 seconds of gameplay if you didn’t use this specific resource to craft this specific item, you’re an absolute moron and you’ll develop liver failure and you’ll never enjoy a game ever again”

So yeah, not playing that. Cool for those that got into it when it first released and somehow are able to keep up with the meta.

Narrrz ,

destiny (2, at least) was a mechanically great shooter attached to an abysmal story with awful MMO gear/leveling features and some of the worst company decisions I've ever heard of.

the game would literally be better if their parent company had died the moment they released it.

Sharpiemarker ,

The Destiny community have always seen the Bungie team treat their own like family until the PlayStation acquisition and the subsequent layoffs.

If I hadn’t already stopped playing Destiny, I would have after the acquisition, price hikes, poor treatment of employees, etc.

PaupersSerenade ,
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I’m probably just going to watch Byf/Myelin videos for the conclusion of the light and dark saga. I’ve been with Destiny since Beta, and got really invested in the lore. I’d stop playing for a few months and jump back in for the story beats/gunplay. Now all that wind has left my sails, and I still can’t believe they let go Michael fucking Salvatori

Sharpiemarker ,

I still can’t believe they let go Michael fucking Salvatori

Yea that blows my mind too.

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This is the best summary I could come up with:

Between the exceptionally poor reception of Destiny 2’s latest Lightfall expansion and the recent news that developer Bungie laid off 8% of its staff following reports that its revenue has fallen 45% short of expectations, it’s been a particularly turbulent year for the space fantasy looter shooter.

And as a result of both these struggles and a number of other noteworthy factors, the game’s player count on Steam has fallen to a new all-time low since it was released on the platform in 2019.

And while many enjoy Destiny 2 on console, Steam users do represent a significant number of its fans, which suggests that there’s been notable loss of player interest.

The Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion was heavily criticized for having a terribly written campaign, and both the new patrol space Neomuna and the DLC’s Root of Nightmares raid are widely considered to be mediocre as well.

Then there’s the growing community-wide dissatisfaction with many general aspects of the game, including its new player experience, technical stability, aggressive monetization, and stale core playlists that haven’t been meaningfully updated in years.

This year has been absolutely chock-full of monumental releases such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Diablo 4, and Mortal Kombat 1, as well as other big hits like Starfield, Armored Core 6, and the Resident Evil 4 Remake, among others.

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