stopthatgirl7 , avatar

These are the kinds of games I love, so it’s is a win as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully they’ll start porting their games to PC faster.

Whirlybird ,

Guess I’ll continue to not buy playstation consoles then. Bought multiple playstations every generation up until the PS4 - PS, PSOne, PS2, PS2 slim, PS3, PS3 slim, PSP, PS Vita all bought on launch day, but after the PS3s slow change to cinematic 3rd person linear story driven games I gave up on them.

Caligvla , avatar

Thanks for letting me know I don’t need to bother with Playstation for the foreseable future, Jimmy boy.

Molecular0079 ,

Good. The last thing I want is more live-service games.

MentalEdge , avatar

I would love to see some other genres covered, tho.

RIP Studio Liverpool.

At the same time I get that GoW and Uncharted sell better than WipEout… but come on, I want at least something more than different flavors of the same game type.

RamSwamson ,

I need more arcade racers in my life. If there were a Sony equivalent of forza horizon I would be all over that.

pimento64 ,



I don’t know about that.

Blizzard , avatar

Is there more on this? Where is that quote from?

nanoUFO OP Mod , avatar
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