InEnduringGrowStrong , avatar

I miss the old MechCommander

rebelsimile ,

I loved MechAssualt 1, 2 was disappointing.

RavenFellBlade , avatar

Really? I loved the BattleArmor/Elementals and other vehicles. I had a blast playing MA2 with my friends.

rebelsimile ,

It’s been a very long time since I played it, but I felt like they overcomplicated it and didn’t really capture the arcade-y feel of the original.

ArugulaZ , avatar

I revisit MechWarrior every time I need to soft mod an Xbox.

ArugulaZ , avatar

I realize I said MechWARRIOR, not MechAssault, and now I must hang my nerd head in shame.

burgersc12 , avatar

MechAssault was fun, wish the bots walked a bit faster

echo64 ,

He’s been in charge for almost a decade and spent 60billion on cod. If he actually cared he would have done it. He has the ultimate power to green light it. He’s just chasing Armour core clout.

QuantumEyetanglement ,

AC6 is doing a great job of filling my mech void currently! Highly recommend for fans of the previous games or genre as a whole

clay_pidgin ,

Mechwarrior 6 is about to release the Clan Invasion … DLC? It might be a separate release technically. If you’re interested in a more simulator-like experience.

QuantumEyetanglement ,

Thanks for the rec! Will look into it!

clay_pidgin ,

You betcha. There’s also Mechwarrior:Online, which is a separate game. Multiplayer battles with rankings and unlocks and stuff. I haven’t tried it but the gameplay looks fun.

CannedTuna ,

Me too man. Me too.

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