Naatan ,

I can’t wait to try out part 3 for 2 hours before deciding this still isn’t for me.

I want a good and immersive Jedi game so bad. These games just feel like you’re in an amusement park that’s channelling the game you want but not really trying to deliver it, it’s just a vehicle to get to the next bouncy mushroom or conveniently placed wall jump.

EeeDawg101 ,

Good! Love the games. I just hope on the third one they actually finish developing the game before release.

Jedi Survivor just finally got finished after releasing 5 months ago. What I mean is they just released an update that makes performance mode run really well. Prior to this update, it ran horribly. So much so that despite buying on day one, I flat out refused to play it until it got fixed. And thank goodness it did because it’s a wonderful game and I’m really enjoying it.

derin , avatar

Let’s not forget how the bounty hunter missions were completely broken, to the point that you couldn’t even start the quest line at any point in the game. I beat the whole game wondering “what the fuck is that big area in the pause menu that’s still locked?”

Also, you still can’t unlock the third garden on Pyloon’s roof in some saves (mainly mine).

I couldn’t give less of a shit about performance bugs, but the fact that core content in the game is still locked because of fucking trigger bugs is mind bogglingly embarrassing.

Still loved the game, though - my favorite game of 2023 (not saying it was the best of 2023, I just really liked this one).

smallaubergine ,

I found Cal Kestis to be the most generic sounding and looking Star wars character. The games are fun but I found myself uninterested in him as a character

InEnduringGrowStrong , avatar

I agree with you, he’s kind of a blank slate.
I think that works for a video game though.

It’s also refreshingly NOT the chosen one or blood line thing that’s a bit overdone in Star Wars.
(Crossing my fingers he’s not secretly a long lost Skywalker, Palpatine or Kenobi relative)

Many stories introduce the protagonist in their prime, or when they’re at their most interesting, then eventually release an origin story.
The first game felt like an origin story for a dude I didn’t know. (Haven’t played the second game yet)

My guess (hope) is he’ll feel more interesting as he gets more exposure and character development as games come out and we kinda get to see him grow as we play.

smallaubergine ,

Yeah I get what you're saying about him being a blank slate. I guess I'm just tired of generic white dudes as being the definition of blank slate. I hope he does get more interesting, I found the other characters far more fun to follow than Cal

InEnduringGrowStrong , avatar

Yea for sure, he could have been a blank slate without being as bland or generic. By that I absolutely don’t mean to imply the actor is any of these things, but that they played it safe in character design.
Expecially in a universe of endless aliens.
It’s not even a choice that has to be limited between our own human heritages.

I vote Ewok Jedi myself.

sarge ,


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