AR horror Scrylight will "blur the boundaries of what’s real and what isn't"

Upcoming augmented reality horror, Scrylight, will be a "fully immersive, 360 degree ghost hunting experience" that will not just turn your own home into a haunted house, but also interact with your real-life smart lights and doorbells, too.

With ghosts able to "haunt players in real world scenarios, activating real world devices", developer Spectropia Studios utilises Niantic's genre-defining AR technology to "blur the boundaries of what's real and what isn't".

Features of the upcoming horror game include "full 360 interaction between ghosts and players via your smart devices, camera and microphone for realistic entity interactions", infinite, "geographical-specific", procedural entities, integrated machine learning agents and "computer vision for real time interaction with your environment", and full smart device integration "allowing for real world hauntings".

Nastybutler ,

Thanks. I never wanted to sleep again in my own home anyway.

epicsninja ,

So it’s a horror game that only works in houses with modern appliances.

vaultdweller013 , avatar

Behold my stuff!

Pile of old as shit appliances

smeg ,

Granting a third party full access to all the questionably-secured devices in your home is the real horror

taladar ,

To an IT person a house full of “smart” devices is already a horror to behold.

smeg ,

You know what they say, the S in IoT stands for Security!

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