Baldur's Gate 3's Astarion says there's a tough to find two hour section no one has played yet (Updated: It has been found)

According to the voice of Astarion himself, there's a whole two hour section of Baldur's Gate 3 no one has played yet.


"There's even something I know about that you can't get to unless you do something that I don't think anyone's going to work out," Newborn said in the livestream, which you can see him talk about in a clip above. "I was told this in confidence and I think I'm one of the few people who knows about it as well." In the stream Newborn was even asked if he could tell the person he was talking to what it is, but noted "it's one of those few things I cannot friend-DA." Just to clarify, Newborn will have signed an NDA to work on this project, unsurprisingly, but people are people and they do tell their friends things, but this seems like something so secretive he can't even do that.

Update: See below, it has been found.

Wirlocke ,

I’m confused at how the Blood of Lathander wouldn’t be found on launch, there are so many triggers for it.

Reading the locked books, talking to the dead Tiefling, reading the plaque on the statue that’s dead center in the building. It’s hard to avoid honestly.

VelociCatTurd ,

This article is on outdated information. That section of the game referenced has definitely been found.…

geosoco OP ,

Thanks! I updated the post and title.

Kolanaki , avatar

That’s it? The Blood of Llathander thing? I found that my first playthrough! It wasn’t even easy to miss unless you just completely fucked off on the first puzzle.

ChaoticEntropy , avatar

Yeah, I’m not a completionist and I found it just in the normal course of playing the game…

BigWumbo ,

Fr plus it took me like 15 minutes

bjoern_tantau ,

I didn’t even do the whole weapons puzzle. I just yanked it out of there and defeated the trap.

Although the temptation was big to let everyone except for Astarion die because he was right there.

Fafner , avatar

Do you have any idea how much that would hurt!?

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