New Star Wars Jedi Game Is in the Works, Cal Kestis Voice Actor Reveals

A new entry in the Star Wars Jedi series is currently in the works, according to the main character Cal Kestis' voice actor.

Speaking a few days at a panel during Ocala Comic Con 2023, Cameron Monaghan, who plays the main character in the series developed by Respawn, confirmed they are working on a third game without adding much more on the matter.

That a new Star Wars Jedi game is coming isn't surprising at all, as the series was confirmed to be envisioned as a trilogy, and Survivor doesn't exactly bring closure to Cal Kestis' story. Still, it will be interesting to see how much the formula will evolve in the third game now that the series' director Stig Asmussen has left Respawn.

YouTube Video

ChaoticEntropy , avatar

I enjoy these games and their premise but their dedication to not giving a shit about PC players is a real turn off.

Pea666 ,

Good for him and good for the fans.

I’m pretty sad that these games aren’t my cup of tea. By all accounts they should be right up my alley but for some reason I just couldn’t get into them. I was hoping for a spiritual successor to the Jedi Knight games I guess.

Still, decent quality single player games are a welcome addition to the market.

relyn ,

I’m sure the PC version will run just as poorly as the first two games too…. Damn I wish they would slow down and revisit some of the core elements of the game like shader compilation stuttering and very jarring animations which both make the games feel so jerky.

there1snospoon ,

Absolutely loved the story and mechanics of the game. I just hope the next one has fewer bugs

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