ProvableGecko ,

In a couple of generations when path tracing with reasonable levels of performance is available on mid-range cards (eg. equivalent of 4070) I might consider Nvidia. Until then team red for me

BetaDoggo_ ,

It’s a shame that this game got written of by so many people due to its shaky launch. The game’s story and side quests are good and most of the game breaking stuff has been fixed. The visuals and art direction are great so it’s nice to see it getting support for new technologies even if no one can run them.

AsAnAILanguageModel ,

Yeah I think it’s mostly a meme now. Either you read comments from people who loved it, or jokes from people who haven’t played it. I had no expectations before playing it and liked it so much that I even preordered the DLC, to show my support. (I don’t care about the preorder bonus, and I don’t think preordering games is reasonable, but I’m gonna play it right away anyway, so it doesn’t matter in this case)

orbitz ,

I never noticed many bugs and had 93 hours in the game under two starts, never finished it though, to be fair I don’t finish most games so not much of a difference there. Was playing today and was reminded how gorgeous it is. I love cyberpunk as a genre and have a half decent video card (3070) and the neon, reflections, smoke all look like some of the best of not the best I’ve seen in my 39ish years of gaming. The downside is at 1080p (yeah I know) is the hair looks distorted/crimped close up (mostly bangs and end of the hair) but still looks better overall than any hair I recall and the rest is all eye candy.

Oh guess I should add, it really does feel like a cyberpunk world should, least to me. The setting is perfect for me but I’m sure there’s flaws I haven’t noticed.

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