bogdugg, avatar

Didn’t they already announce Marathon? Strange that this article doesn’t mention it at all.


Ok and? Not much of a story til something actually gets announced

nanoUFO, avatar

I mean it is a story since they used their own engine before and it affected development. Bet to a lot of people not into live service games this is more interesting than whatever they are making.


True, and the ‘Blam!’ Engine has a lot of history behind it but ultimately the end result is more important than the tools used to achieve it. But until something is announced by Bungie then it’s still kinda a non-story


Dropping their own proprietary engine and moving to unreal is a pretty big story actually.


I mean, Halo was originally called “Monkey Nutz,” so I wouldn’t put much stock in the game content relating to the codename


I wonder if the codename implies you will be jumping and bouncing around a lot in the game

_haha_oh_wow_, avatar

Sigh, I’ve lost all interest in Bungie ever since they doubled-down on live-service games.


They’ve been live service games since Halo 3 though, so you haven’t liked them since then?


Can reach be considered live service? I don’t remember it being any more monetized than halo 3


Yeah reach is live service too.

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