Praxis_Jack, avatar

I heard the rumor of oblivion remaster but the only thought I had was why not Morrowind? As someone who’s only heard of how good it is but never played im curious cause it seems like aside from Skyrim Morrowind was everyone’s favorite elder scrolls


Honestly there are so many great mods for Morrowind that it doesn’t need a remaster. You can get it looking pretty decent.


Are there any mods that add voiceovers to dialog?

GreenSkree, avatar

Yes, but it only works with the original client. Doesn’t appear to work with OpenMW, yet, which is superior in many ways now.

exscape, avatar

Skyblivion and Skywind are a thing. Hopefully they'll be released at some point too though...


Especially since Oblivion seems to work fine on modern Xboxen. Back on reddit, all the Morrowind first-timers were using OpenMW, and all the Oblivion first-timers were playing on console somehow.

bunny_funeral, avatar

if they fix how asinine the leveling system is i’d be interested.


leveling system it’s so that I start a new game once in a while just to get 100 EVERYWHERE. I’ve already fucked it up at arrows tutorial.


im sure its the one thing they keep


I hope this Oblivion remaster will not mess with Skyblivion development…


Bethesda isn’t making Skyblivion

readyno, avatar

But lawsuits can


That’s a very good point I didn’t even consider.


They better not fix any bugs in that Fallout 3 remaster.


They’ll just introduce new, less interesting bugs.


Gimme that Oblivion remaster.


The Oblivion remaster (originally set for fiscal year 2022).

Don’t hold your breath


Aw fuck.


So it’s almost done…?

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