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Is the source code available or how does this work?


The big question remains……is this compatible with A Tale of Two Cities mod?


Man… if vanilla New Vegas is still giving you performance issues, you might wanna upgrade your toaster.


If it brings me a few minutes more battery life on my steamdeck, it is worth it


The achievement is less about the need, but more that someone did it.

I’d be equally excited if something optimized the shit out a PlayStation 1 game too.

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I mean, isn’t vanilla New Vegas pretty famously unoptimized? I think its performance has less to do with your hardware and more to do with the engine (hence this mod).


Todd, I didn’t know you were a Lemmy user.


How much can upgrading a computer cost, $10?

– Todd “I haven’t had to buy my own groceries since Morrowind dropped” Howard.

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But I mean, this isn’t just for Vanilla New Vegas, is it? Plus New Vegas is known for being particularly unstable.

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I would if I could


It absolutely does, though. Vanilla crashes all the time and has several game-breaking bugs. I don’t recommend that anyone plays New Vegas unmodded – especially on a newer machine that’ll be less compatible (like my 7700X + 4090 rig running Windows 11) – unless you just hate yourself. You need community patches to get it in a playable state.

Same goes for Fallout 3. It’s not nearly as buggy as NV, of course, but try running it Vanilla on a modern Windows 11 machine and let me know how well that goes for you lol. You get massive framerate dips and it literally crashes every 5 minutes on a brand new PC if you don’t install any mods to make it compatible.


I mean I still play it on a modern system mostly unmodded (I do minor QOL mods like adding/moving fast travel points to limit loading screens but nothing super fancy or specifically for performance). Still on windows 10, though. I get no performance issues, though crashing is still a worry. It’s not like every 30 minutes tho, like when it was new 🤣


Still on Windows 10, though.

Well there you go. Win10 is old enough now to still be compatible with those games. But like I said, try it on a modern machine running 11.

That said, even in my Windows 7 days, NV still crashed all the time. The game had a rushed development; it’s a miracle that it runs at all on any PC.

thecrotch, (edited )

Windows 11 is essentially a skin and experience pack for win 10, in fact it was.originally going to be the nezt update to 10. very little has changed that will affect how games run.


I played NV unmodded and hardly had any crashes in my +150 hours. All I did was to deactivate all but one CPU core iirc.


It’s not a toaster problem lol. Every time to enter a loading screen you pray the game doesn’t randomly crash


My toaster of a desktop can easily run the game at pretty good framerates yet the game just sometimes decided to just crash like it’s nobody’s business.

Hell, it ran it just fine before getting an upgrade from 4gb to something like 16gb of ram, but the problem wasn’t performance issues. Instead it was random crashing. Mods completely fixed that issue.

New Vegas is a pretty good game, but I wouldn’t wanna play it unmodded because I don’t wanna deal with random crashes.


Nah, with mods the lack of threading makes oblivion and fo:nv unplayable once you add on enough eye candy


The vanilla game is still Bella buggy, awesome, but hella buggy.


Try playing F.E.A.R without the performance mod, a 5800x3d and 4090 will only get a studdery mess and that game is from 04


This article is talking about it like this is a new thing. It has been part of the core set of QoL mods for new installs for years now. Looks like they got a recent update though which is exciting

Edit: Didn’t look at the link just knew by name, looks like they released a new mod to compliment the one I’m talking about? This person is a fucking godsend

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They did indeed release a new engine optimization mod, separate to the standard mandatory-install Stewies Tweaks. The past year has been crazy for NV mods.


It’s new to me, because I barely mod my games

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We don’t deserve lStewieAl.


shit they really used -Os instead -O2 because of the ps3/ 360


I remember I picked this game up to replay it for a few bucks on steam. I had no idea how bad the PC version was. I must of replayed it 3-5x back in the day on Xbox. I couldn’t believe how broken and unplayable it was on PC.


This is flag used during compilation that optimizes for size (-Os) instead of speed (-O2).

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Well. It's funny I read this. Since I just watched this video about refactoring the entire source code of Super Mario 64. It's insane how much effort modders put into those things.


Kaze my beloved


Dude’s practically ascended to godhood with how much he’s been able to push Mario 64.


Give us a current gen remake.


My dream is a fallout game set in New Orleans, but made by Obsidian.

Give them permission to have greenery in the game as you run around a massively overgrown swamp (there's some lore from unpublished games about an over-abundance of GECK testing in the area,)

Helping people actually build new shit from the abundant trees. The people would be that fun mix Creole and Americana.

We could have new enemies, like snakes and gators and shit. Maybe assassin vines and man eating trees.

My dream enemy would be a splinter group of Caesar's legion and remnants of the Enclave.

As for music, dig deep into New Orleans history. There's more than enough to put together a kick-ass soundtrack.


Wasn’t there a fallout 3 DLC set in the Bayou?


Point Lookout was in a swamp on the coast of Maryland.


Right yeah. I could’ve sworn there was some depiction of it in one of the games but I’m pretty sure I’m just remembering wrong.


Western bay coast of MD

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Microsoft has bought up both Obsidian and Bethesda so it is technically possible for them to make another Fallout game. But at the same time they already announced Outer Worlds 2, and I’m not even sure the key people are necessarily still around.

ante, avatar

As of 4/9/22, about 20-ish, I believe, out of an original team of ~70. The remainder either quit, were laid off, or were fired.

Source here, which expands further:

Before that’s a cause for alarm, however, many of these remaining 20 were key people in New Vegas’ development, and Obsidian also has Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Cain on board, even though both are on Outer Worlds (2), and Leonard and Tim are the original creators of Fallout.

Josh Sawyer, the director of New Vegas, is still there as well and has said he is open to working on Fallout again.


After the mess that was Outer Worlds, I hope Obsidian finds itself.


Different people, different tastes I guess but in what sense is Outer Worlds a mess?


I really enjoyed Outer Worlds, what was your complaint about it?


Lots of samesy stuff. Travel to a side quest, same looking area, same enemies, same thing.

I feel like they spent most of the resources trying to rebuild a working functional engine for themselves, rather than do what they do best, which is create stories. Because there was some serious amazing sparks of creativity like being able to skip a whole story chapter with a single dialog option.

Like Mass Effect 1 - very flawed but lots of potential. But then Mass Effect 2 became a masterpiece.

So I have high hopes for Outer Worlds 2 being incredible.

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While I would kill for an actual remake, there is a fan-made remake in the F4 engine that has been many years in the works. The devs are pretty active on Discord and still plugging away at it. Who knows if it ever actually gets finished, but I think at this point this is the best hope for a somewhat-modernized New Vegas.

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Yet another one of those Bethesda fan remakes that takes over a decade of work before it gets abandoned suddenly.


Or likely threatened with legal action.


Fan-made remake probably won’t be available on PS5.

ipkpjersi, (edited )

Who knows if it ever actually gets finished,

This is actually one of those things that bothers me the most. So many projects that are at risk of getting taken down are announced way before they are ready, whether it be on purpose for them to knowingly get taken down before anything ever becomes playable and gets released because they never had any intention of actually releasing it they just wanted the fame for it with no intentions of delivering on it, or because they didn’t think they would get taken down and get completely surprised by it like it’s never happened before. If you are going to make something awesome, wait until you release it to announce it.


I wonder what would happen if Bethesda gave a few of the best modders full access to the game's code and to the latest version of the engine. I bet they could come up with a current gen remake in under a year without the involvement of a single Bethesda dev.

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I think you’re severely underestimating how much time, effort, and resources game development takes. Especially when the devs aren’t doing it full-time.


Are we talking about a whole engine re-write or just bringing the game into modern times graphically? Because you could do the latter much easier and with less time (still time consuming yes, but not as much) with just basic modding and not even need the source code.


Well, in such a scenario I'm also making two assumptions:

  1. That the modders are indeed being paid by Bethesda to work full-time on it since it's meant to be sold when finished (not unlike Skyrim Special Edition, only made by modders)
  2. There's a way to add code and assets from existing mods to their remake. If they have to make it all from scratch then yeah, a year is not enough.
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