whats your unconcious sign that you really really like the game you are playing

So i just noticed that when i really like the game at some point i will at once play the game and watch the stream/youtube wideo of the game( usualy speedrun or aome hardcore challenge). I noticed it recently with anno 1800 but now that i think about it i did that with tales of arise, eu4 ,kings bounty,total war,hades and probably some more. So i wonder do you have similar strange habits


When I start choosing to play that instead of a multiplayer game with mates. And also when I start recommending it to people. It’s all kinda involuntary at this point.


When I’m researching things about the game even when I’m not playing.

Starfield is definitely doing that for me. Before that Distant Worlds 2, X4 Foundations, Elite Dangerous, Skyrim, Space Engineers, Empyrion, GTA V, and Minecraft have all done that.

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The biggest sign is when I stop playing it, I notice that it’s night.


Night? More like sunrise and time to go to work

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See, so many of the things below I can think of about games I was addicted to but wasn’t really enjoying. Like, if I’m hearing the music while I fall asleep? That’s a sign I’ve been playing it a crap load, but I also can think of many games that sucked me in chasing carrots and kept me up until dawn… but the actual fun parts were fleeting.

Games I actually enjoy have me grinning like a maniac once I start getting into top-tier flow with the actions available, like threading needles in a racing game.

Relevant SMBC:



When I have on the video game music and sound effects. That means I’m totally in it.

Otherwise I’ll have Netflix/Hulu/whatever streaming or music playing.


For real!! I don’t know how many times I listened to Short Change Hero while playing Borderlands 2!

Related sidenote: My son just started playing it like ten minutes ago. Aww, Nostalgia.


Borderlands and Diablo style games are so great for music farming sessions. Good times man.

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I will be in my own bubble playing the game. Not looking at social media, just focused on the game.

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The game will be my first thought when waking up, and my last thought before I sleep.


I start ‘solving’ the game’s puzzles in my dreams, or random mechanics from the game show up in my dreams somehow. When that happens I know a game has its hooks deep into me.


This, I had this with shenZen i/o, I would solve the solutions in my sleep then never remember them when I woke!


When I can’t stop thinking about it when I’m not playing it.

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For me, that tends to be a sign of burning out. Or at least it’s imminence.


When I think I’ve been playing for 1 hour, but it’s actually been 12.

This is why I’m not sure I actually like Starfield… that simply isn’t happening :/


When I go back to do some part over again to try and do it better, or just do it different.

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When I start making notepad lists of long term goals or shopping lists and such, usually in open world games with lots of tasks where you'd forget on your own what you might be working toward


Around the midpoint of a game, often while still enjoying it, I start asking myself how close to the end I am. Let’s Plays are great for this. I can just open a playlist and read episode titles until I’m around the same point I’m actually at. Let’s say e.g. 45/67 videos or 2/3. If I rarely do this, maybe even not at all, I’m really into the game.

For context, I mainly play quite linear JRPGs. For other games, I usually just look at howlongtobeat.com and compare it to my playtime.


When I’ve been playing for 5 hours and needed a piss for 3 hours.


Followed by the nervous sprint to the restroom and the immediate sprint back


Hm I guess doing all the side quests, and going to the wiki to understand the plot better.

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