The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion - 04-09-2023

Have you been spending hours trying to pass a level? Or maybe you are completely addicted to a newly bought game. Do you have a question about a game or would like to share something else? In the Weekly Discussion Thread, you can do it all!

Please** don’t forget to use the spoiler tag **as soon as you start talking about a storyline.


Started Starfield of course and have been really enjoying it. I love the RPG elements already and it’s been a long time since I really catered a character to my liking rather than just taking the default. It’s giving me the same awe I had when I first played Mass Effect over 15 years ago (though I’m not sure if anything can beat that experience especially when you go to the Citadel). Action is fun and I like the three different POVs you can pick. Only complaint is the HDR seems a bit off where things look a bit greyish especially in the opening period.

Outside of Starfield, I’ve been playing Limbo again seeing it on GamePass. Never finished it when I was playing it on Android so finally going to give a chance to it now.

random_character_a, avatar

Elden Ring, Frost Punk, Brotato and still after 2000 hours Deep Rock Galactic.


I have no access to Starfield (I only have ps5 and steamdeck) so I’m back to No Man’s Sky once again!
This game just gets better for free and I can honestly play it every weekend. It’s a masterpiece in my opinion and while I’m sad I don’t have access to Starfield I’m in no rush for another space adventure just yet.

random_character_a, avatar

I thought Starfield played “fine” on steamdeck.


I’ve heard it’s 30fps with dips in bigger areas but tbh I want to enjoy it on a big screen as the environments look absolutely beautiful. I might get a PC at some point or an xbox so I’d rather wait.


Recently I’ve been playing a massive minecraft map called Drehmal, which got a big update a few weeks ago. It’s kinda like if someone made an elder scrolls game in minecraft, with lots of exploring, loot and lore to find. Unfortunately I think something about the map, either the mods needed to play it or the size, doesn’t agree with my computer and I will get a crash after a few hours of play. So maybe I should find something else.

GreenAlex, avatar

Finished up Banjo Kazooie last night. Always good for a quick playthrough. Still BG3 with my wife as time allows. Not quite sure what solo game to pick up next.

KrasMazov, avatar

Been playing The Binding of Isaac a lot for the last couple weeks. I’m approching 500 hours total and Tainted Lost is breaking my will nearly everyday 🙃. I want to finish Disco Elysium, but my ADHD is really bad lately, so I end only playing Isaac since it’s my confort game.


Was just playing The Sims 4 on my PC.

I also just got a Switch OLED, which will arrive by mail in a few days (delayed due to almost being sold out). I’ve also gotten cartridges of Breath of the Wild and Minecraft Dungeons for it so I’m excited.


I decided to take a break from Bloodborne when I found Mass Effect Legendary Edition on sale for $12. I’m doing a playthrough of those games since I haven’t played the Legendary Edition yet.

Clipboards, avatar

I just picked up Sea of Stars earlier today - i’m about a hour in and enjoying myself so far, no complaints. Otherwise, I picked up Pokemon Go in the past week & i’m really enjoying it. It turns out that a lot of my friends are still playing, and the Pokemon Go Plus+ I use for sleep tracking also gets bonuses in Pokemon Sleep if you use it for Go. Now i’m playing both!


I’ve been talking to anyone who would listen about Your Spider. This is possibly my all time favorite indie horror game, and the fact that it only has three reviews feels like an injustice to me.


Playing BG3 with my gf. We’re having a blast.

Alone I’m playing Motorsport Manager. And old game and nothing like football manager that I played a lot in the past. It’s not great, it’s basic and I know I will only do a couple of seasons but it has been keeping me up at night and going to bed late so that counts as something. I’m definitely having fun and it’s a chill game.

A couple of months ago I was playing RDR2 but I stopped about halfway and haven’t gone back to it. The game is ridiculously good looking and the world is great but honestly the gameplay is such a slog. Most quests are basic af. I wonder how it got this much praise tbh

anakin78z, avatar

Playing Sea of Stars on gamepass, and Baldur’s Gate 3, co-op with my wife. Sea of Stars is pretty fun and kind of relaxing. I want to like BG3 more than I do. Lots of frustrations with the combat, and the waypoint/journaling system.


Stranded Deep - that game has snuck into my dreams.

circuitfarmer, avatar

I was playing BG3, but I randomly jumped into X-Plane 12 and now have the flight sim bug. Once you learn how to do things it’s quite relaxing just picking some random locations and doing some flights in a nice plane model.

totallymojo, avatar

I keep doing breaching-plans in Doorkickers 2 and building bases in Stranded Alien Dawn.
I also fell back into Valheim with a new friend gang.

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