bastian_5 , (edited )

He’s once again sacrificing himself to himself to appease himself so that he doesn’t have to kill us for some girl who was incapable of knowing better eating a fruit that let her know that eating the fruit was a bad thing.

cheese_greater ,
  • I wonder if its a sign?
  • Its definitely a 'muracle
  • Signed, God
  • Went out for more cranberry vinaigrette
  • Add me on Signal
cheese_greater , (edited )

You’re getting to be a bit too old for imaginary friends, aren’t you?

— Love, God

Ertebolle ,

"I have been, and always shall be, your friend" - God

768 ,


LZamperini ,

Tell them yourself. Oh wait.

aggelalex ,

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.

  • Nietzsche
cheese_greater ,

This post right here, officer

Ertebolle ,

God creates dinosaurs, god destroys dinosaurs, god creates man, man destroys god, man creates dinosaurs

GrammatonCleric , avatar

He just went for a pack of smokes 🙏

zloubida , avatar

He died on a cross.

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