psycho_driver ,

Fro D’oh!

oce , avatar

So Frodo also had a pussy, that’s why he had the spirit to resist the ring’s magic, similarly to Éowyn.

Amilo159 , avatar

I didn’t know cold water could cause such burns

CorrodedCranium , avatar
BlinkerFluid , avatar

If the last panel was a cat looking back at him…

WarmSoda ,

I’m really disappointed in myself today. It took me way too long to get the last panel.

I think I’ll take the rest of the day off.

Norgur ,

Sure thing, bud. Just tell your boss I said it's okay and go home.

v4ld1z , avatar

Can I go too?

Norgur ,

No. You left early on Tuesday to "play ping pong with a child in need". You are holding yourself back with those altruistic tendencies. There is a great future ahead of you in Corporate main office and I will not watch you throw it away by "DoInG gOoD". So: either you start charging that child for your time or stay here and fill out the spreadsheet I sent you.

v4ld1z , avatar


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