BendyLemmy , avatar

I was under the impression that ALL websites are basically a kind of webapp. Some (like Lazada) are what you'd call 'Progressive Web Applications'.

I use Webapp-Manager on Linux, which will set up a shortcut to launch any website/url as a Webapp... at the time of creation, you can choose Firefox or some other browser as the backend (works well for sites that dont work in Firefox).

So for me, the BBC Radio website is a webapp, Overseerr and Sonarr are webapps too.

averyminya ,

Is this the "install" option from the settings drop down in Firefox Mobile? I accidentally pressed the button for Kbin the other day, didn't go through with it but it was interesting.

I haven't used these since... Man, the iPod 3G?

Personally, my Internet usage these days is mostly just the fediverse and what I find through them. I'd be interested if there were any particularly good ones though.

I guess it could be useful for game information websites, but I'd want to avoid the awful conglomerate one for that, and I tend to just use the information as a text search and it pops up. I feel like if I'm directly on the site I never find what I need as quickly, so maybe not.

Maybe some of the music websites I've come across would be good.

possiblylinux127 , avatar

Self hosted Nextcloud and jellyfin

joewilliams007 ,
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Samsung Internet (currently using MBIN web app from it).

its also the best browser imo.. ad/tracker blocking wise aswell as layout customization and dark mode forcing..

Cwilliams ,

It's your personal choice to advertise a chromium-based browser on the !c/ channel, but...

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  • Potajito ,

    There is the Pwa for Firefox extension, works pretty well for me.

    gedaliyah , avatar

    I use that every day as well and it works great.

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    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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    TomAwsm ,

    I must be missing something. I find that extension, but not for Android. How do I add this on mobile?

    flamingmongoose ,

    It works properly for Firefox on Android but yeah I wish they hadn't given up on PWAs for desktop. I don't need electron apps running 4 different browsers at once on my machine...

    BendyLemmy , avatar
    juli OP ,

    Currently, I use:

    • mapcomplete
    • listenbrainz
    • peertube
    • lemmy
    • (blood donation)
    gedaliyah , avatar

    For lemmy there's also Voyager. It's more mobile-focused, but works well on desktop for basic browsing.

    I do the same for mastodon.

    governorkeagan ,

    Highly recommend for Mastodon.

    gedaliyah , avatar

    Thanks, I'll check it out!

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