tyrefyre ,

Also how do you delete a certain entry from the list it offers?

lemann ,

No idea, short of removing the site from your bookmarks and the “forget this site” option in the browsing history

lugal ,

I think it’s somewhere is “show all history” that you can mark and delete entries

Atemu ,
@Atemu@lemmy.ml avatar

If you hover over, there’s a little hamburger menu to remove the entry from your history. This feature is quite new.

kethali ,

Using the arrow keys to go to the entry and pressing shift+delete works for me

@VHS@hexbear.net avatar

Right arrow key

Gobbel2000 ,
@Gobbel2000@feddit.de avatar

Hit the right arrow key once (and stop using Twitter).

Yoru OP ,
@Yoru@lemmy.ml avatar

life saver bro. and I can’t, all my artists live in Twitter I need my lesbian anime girls 😭😭😭

syaochan ,
@syaochan@mastodon.online avatar

@Yoru go join misskey.io right now, many artists are there

Yoru OP ,
@Yoru@lemmy.ml avatar

is this that japanese one?

yes it is. I was going to sign up but I forgot, will do now

v3x ,

fr I’ll leave when the lesbian furry porn leaves

NickwithaC ,
@NickwithaC@lemmy.world avatar

Give them Blue Sky codes. The UI and everything is literally the same, it just doesn’t have a bird logo.

ReversalHatchery ,

You can read them through a nitter alt frontend. It supports RSS feeds, so you can can even get notifications of new posts with an rss reader.

If the official instance doesn’t work, look for an other one, it may be just rate limited. There’s a list of public instances, but the libredirect browser extension can help too.

Yoru OP ,
@Yoru@lemmy.ml avatar

that’s what I do on my work pc, but I do have a community there and they won’t really be moving to other instances so no luck there 😭

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