Any way to disable the microphone icon? [Fennec, Android]

My large fingers are always bumping the microphone button accidentally. I never use the speech to text feature, so is there any way to disable this icon altogether?

I’ve tried revoking microphone permissions, but the icon still appears. In fact, when I click it, it says “Google” and “speak now,” so I’m not even sure what Google is doing in Fennec since I use a SearXNG instance as my default search engine.

This leads me to believe it might be some intrusive Android “feature,” but I’d still like it gone, one way or another.

Anyone know how to remove this? Please and thank you!

Albin9325, avatar

Disable google app

LinkOpensChest_wav, avatar

Yeah, good point. It’s gotta be a major privacy concern.

AbsolutelyNotCats, avatar

3 dot / settings / general / search > disable show voice Search


If only now we could remove the qr action button would be so nice, never used it and never will.

LinkOpensChest_wav, avatar

Doh! It was right there all along! Tysm

1984, avatar

I was about to ask about QR but before I looked below the picture. Pity, I’d like to remove the QR button too.

AbsolutelyNotCats, avatar

I think it can be removed via xposed, but there’s no modules available as far as I know


I actually like the QR button. It detects them faster than my phone’s default camera app, and since I already know I’m going to open a link, it’s nice to not have to switch apps.

What I really want from fennec is the ability to selectively wipe browsing history over a long period of time. I changed the domain of a service on my home network years ago, but the address bar always suggests the old domain because it’s a substring of the new one, and thus a “better match”.

My options are to scroll through years of history and individually remove every occurrence of the old domain… or wipe my entire browning history.


Agreed. I use it every time I go to a restaurant that uses an online only menu. And then I don’t go to that restaurant again because I hate it.


Settings > Search > Show voice search

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