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I want to use the Export ChatGPT Plugin but it says "Can't read or change data on this site". What can I do? (

I want to export my chats in Markdown and I don’t like how bloated Superpower GPT is, I just need to download chats. I wonder if this has to do with the relatively new addon domain restrictions feature. I followed the instructions on that page to set to...

[SOLVED - Set mousewheel.with_control.action to 5] Certain items on page do not zoom [tested on Windows 10 and Linux Mint]

Hi everyone, I’m having a little issue where certain items on a page will not zoom with the rest of the page. I’ve triple-checked to make sure I do not have “Zoom text only” checkmarked in settings, and I do not....

microsoft teams running like ass on firefox

is there a way to fix this? unfortunately i’m stuck using teams for work and would rather not use the standalone app or in a chromium browser. however, my firefox browser slows to a crawl and becomes unusable usually at the point where three or four people join a video call. can anybody help me troubleshoot this? i thought...

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