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MargotRobbie , in Average Lemmy Active Users by Month
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What this shows us is that more people are joining lemmy, but even more people are either leaving or going into lurker mode, as Lemmy only counts people who have commented or posted in that time period as active users, whereas most social media counts any activity while logged in as active. You have to realize that people who use reddit as Google search results don’t usually interact with the content there and most won’t even make an account.

On the upside, with fewer people, it’s easy to get noticed here just by contributing good content since you don’t really get drowned out here because of the democratic upvote based sorting instead of black box personalized recommendation algorithms. So with relatively low amount of effort, you can make sure your content is being seen instead of relying on analytics and metrics.

The last thing to in mind that Lemmy is only one aspect of ActivityPub, and Mastodon’s growth is currently the highest right now because of the ecosystem created by the whale fall of Twitter, which indirectly grows Lemmy as Mastodon users can post directly to federated Lemmy communities.

pineapple_pizza ,

Do votes count as activity as well? Or just posts and comments?

meldrik ,
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It really should.

Blaze ,
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Strong agree

Coelacanth ,
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I can see the arguments for both, to be honest. Ideally I’d like to be able to see statistics for both. Active Users and Active Contributors?

meldrik ,
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You can already see how many posts and comments users make. Isn’t that the same?

Coelacanth ,
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Well, as mentioned that is also covered by the Monthly Active Users metric that already is available. But in addition to that, I think it would be interesting to see the number of users who read and vote but don’t post or comment. Even though posting and commenting is the biggest part, actively voting is still an important part of the ecosystem.

meldrik ,
@meldrik@lemmy.wtf avatar

True, could be nice to see data on content consumers, and not just the content creators.

ComradePorkRoll ,

Agreed. Lurkers are what keep these sites alive.

Ategon , (edited )
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I changed the algorithms in programming.dev to take into account voters in the activity. Since stats are all calculated locally you can view any community from programming.dev to get the monthly active users including that change

e.g. programming.dev/c/technology@lemmy.world shows 27.8k users/month on p.d which is almost as much as the value here for all of lemmy excluding voters

CommunityLinkFixer Bot ,
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Hi there! Looks like you linked to a Lemmy community using a URL instead of its name, which doesn’t work well for people on different instances. Try fixing it like this: !technology

irreticent , (edited )


*edit: so, that seems to not have worked in the Boost app. Is it a link for anyone else?


That doesn’t seem to make a hyperlink either.


AnActOfCreation ,
@AnActOfCreation@programming.dev avatar

All three of those work in Thunder!

irreticent ,

Thanks! I guess it’s just a bug in Boost.

meldrik ,
@meldrik@lemmy.wtf avatar

That’s crazy! User/month goes from only 7.5k active to 27.8k. And that’s just people voting. What about people who only read a post?

Ategon ,
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Dont have access to those stats in the database so adding on voting is the best I can do

Theres a post read table but its only people who have explicitly marked something as read and is way less than the post likes

Deebster ,
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Do posts get marked as read when you read the comments? There’s the x new comments feature, so something must be storing that timestamp.

Ategon ,
@Ategon@programming.dev avatar

I dug through the code and turns out the post read table does store when its read (with number of comments when it was read stored in a person post aggregates table), it just only stores it for people from your instance so I cant get accurate numbers from all of lemmy (and why it seemed like there was a low amount)

Die4Ever ,
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Votes unfortunately don’t count

omnissiah ,
@omnissiah@iusearchlinux.fyi avatar

There seemed to be an influx of reddit users but probably didn’t like Lemmy’s own distinct user base (*nix users for example)

I am kind of glad it settled down because I much prefer Lemmy over reddit

Dizzirron ,

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  • madcaesar ,

    What did you call me???

    Scribbd ,

    That you are a magnificent bastard!!

    fosforus ,

    People are way angrier here than in Reddit, because in Reddit, mods usually clean up the angriest people from the whole platform.

    corrupts_absolutely ,
    @corrupts_absolutely@sh.itjust.works avatar

    r/all is literally astroturfed hate every other post for multiple years at this point, and its not going to be moderated any time soon

    irreticent ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • demesisx ,
    @demesisx@infosec.pub avatar



    ComradePorkRoll ,

    We can be if it makes your experience better!! Watch!

    Dizzirron I bet you don’t even use Linux!

    corrupts_absolutely ,
    @corrupts_absolutely@sh.itjust.works avatar

    thanks margot robbie

    MargotRobbie , (edited )
    @MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

    That’s esteemed Academy Award nominated character actress Margot Robbie to you!

    Boinkage ,

    Diane Diane what now??

    LostCat005 ,
    @LostCat005@lemmy.world avatar

    I just got recommended this site after posting on reddit re: predatory algos and the necessary regulations needed to protect people and how algos have manipulated the UX so much its disrupted the originally intended purposes; ie insta has effectively become a marketing and advertising platform.

    So in response someone suggested finding alternatives to the popular social media sites and used Lemmy as an example.

    I have been loving it thus far - its old school reddit.

    this is my first comment on lemmy!

    Enfors ,
    @Enfors@lemm.ee avatar

    Welcome! So far, in my experience, this is a much friendlier community that… many of the alternatives.

    CosmicCleric ,
    @CosmicCleric@lemmy.world avatar

    Welcome! So far, in my experience, this is a much friendlier community that… many of the alternatives.

    Usually. There’s definitely some who want to take their pound of flesh out of you when you disagree with them on something, but overall not so bad.

    SuckMyWang ,

    I disagree strongly with that opinion but respect you as a lemming

    CosmicCleric ,
    @CosmicCleric@lemmy.world avatar

    Fair enough. My perspective in the last day or two tells me otherwise, but I’m glad you’re having a great experience.

    irreticent ,

    There’re always going to be hotheads and bad faith actors in any platform, but I have noticed it is much more rare here on Lemmy. Much less vitriol as well.

    AmbientChaos ,

    Agreed on it being old school reddit! There are some UI wrappers that make it look and feel like old school reddit that I use and love you might enjoy. The wrapper is called mlmym and is open source. There are a few hosts you can use, I use this one: o.opnxng.com

    A direct link for your lemmy instance would be o.opnxng.com/lemmy.world


    LostCat005 ,
    @LostCat005@lemmy.world avatar

    OMG thank you so much! holy amazing.

    irreticent ,

    Check out https:old.lemmy.world for an old reddit lime experience.

    irreticent ,

    old.lemmy.world is like old reddit.

    Tetractys ,

    Fuck you! Hello.

    bobby295 ,

    Damn, I’d better keep commenting, I usually just lurk/vote

    some_guy ,

    Someone posted metrics for how many users vote. 131k.

    perviouslyiner ,

    halfyear includes people trying out different instances; monthly shows just the one(s) they settled on

    MHLoppy , (edited ) in Fedia.io is shutting down (and re-opening as a Lemmy instance)
    @MHLoppy@fedia.io avatar

    UPDATE: the shutdown has been (for now) retracted.

    The admin (jerry) has switched from kbin to a fork called mbin that has apparently been able to integrate changes faster than the base kbin project. Jerry seems satisfied with the number of issues fixed in the fork (for now), so has retracted the shutdown announcement (for now).

    FEDIA.IO update!!!

    After I made the announcement about shutting down fedia.io, someone pointed out that Melroy, a very active developer on kbin, forked kbin to mbin. I just migrated to mbin and so far it seems to have resolved all the problems I've seen. It's likely too early to tell, but I think that Melroy is VERY responsive and helpful, so I am retracting my shutdown announcement. And that makes me very happy.


    Followup: https://fedia.io/m/fedia/t/350673 tl;dr retraction has become more concrete. No need for the "for now" qualifier anymore.

    simple OP ,
    @simple@lemm.ee avatar

    Great news, thanks!

    Blaze ,
    @Blaze@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

    Great news indeed!

    MHLoppy2 ,
    @MHLoppy2@aussie.zone avatar

    Regarding Fedia.io, it’s currently inaccessible as I’m working with developers to debug the problems and sadly symfony exposes way too much in debug mode


    joshuaacasey , in I just developed and deployed the first real-time protection for lemmy against CSAM!
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    disappointed that this uses AI instead of something like Microsoft’s PhotoDNA that compares image hashes. AI has too much (unnecessary & unacceptable) risk of false positives that results in overbroad censorship.

    db0 OP ,
    @db0@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

    PhotoDNA requires a lot more bureaucratic work than most instance admins can handle, but if you really want it, you can easily plug it into pictrs-safety instead.

    However PhotoDNA will not catch novel generativeAI CSAM.

    joshuaacasey ,
    @joshuaacasey@lemmy.world avatar

    there’s no such thing as “AI-generated CSAM”. CSAM literally is created by abusing a real human child. There’s no such thing as an “AI child”. It would be a much better idea to protect *ACTUAL existing children instead of wasting resources on checks notes fiction

    db0 OP ,
    @db0@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

    You and especially your users won’t know a photorealistic generative AI image is real or not.

    joshuaacasey ,
    @joshuaacasey@lemmy.world avatar

    so you admit that like most people you don’t actually give a shit about protecting anyone. You would rather protect imaginary fake fictional characters because it’s easier and makes you “feel good about yourself”. I genuinely hate performative assholes (which is 99% of humans, let’s be honest. 99% of people only care about their feelings and making themselves feel good by thinking that they are doing something good, not actually doing a good thing). There’s no evidence that fictional material is harmful, in fact, quite the opposite there is some evidence that access to fictional material may actually protect kids and prevent abuse from occurring, by serving as a harmless sexual outlet. I mean let’s put it this why, go ask a victim of sexual abuse “If you had a choice, would you prefer that your abuser abused you or that your abuser relieved their pent-up sexual frustration to some fictional material” I guarantee 100% of them will say that they would prefer to have not been abused.

    glue_snorter ,

    I think you were merely being pedantic, but there are some interesting points in there.

    Is it a crime to generate fake “csam”?

    Should it be a crime?

    How can prosecutors get convictions against a defense of “no, your honour, that video is AI-generated”?

    What we have now is still miles off general AI, but it’s going to take years for society to catch up. Interesting times.

    Omega_Haxors ,

    Ah the kinds of comments I quit reddit to no longer see…

    Well on the bright side, at least they get downvoted here.

    hitagi ,
    @hitagi@ani.social avatar

    Microsoft’s PhotoDNA

    My issue with these services is that they aren’t available for non-US people. db0’s project can be deployed anywhere (provided you have a capable GPU).

    joshuaacasey ,
    @joshuaacasey@lemmy.world avatar

    ok then use Cloudflare’s

    hitagi ,
    @hitagi@ani.social avatar

    That also isn’t available for non-US people.

    droans ,

    It’s available to every Cloudflare user, US or global.

    PhotoDNA is also available for every website in the world.

    hitagi , (edited )
    @hitagi@ani.social avatar

    It isn’t. I already tried applying for both. You need NCMEC credentials which is only available for those in the US.

    edit: Here’s a comment I made about it.

    xeddyx ,

    I don’t see the problem here. What makes you think that the false positives in this case is “unacceptable”? So what if Joe Bloggs isn’t able to share a picture of a random kid (why tho) or an image of a child-like person?

    joshuaacasey ,
    @joshuaacasey@lemmy.world avatar

    false positives not only leads to unnecessary censorship, but it also wastes resources that would be better used to protect *ACTUAL victims and children (although, the optimal solution is protecting people before any harm is done so that we don’t even need these “band-aid” solutions for reacting afterward)

    xeddyx ,

    Again, what you’re saying isn’t relevant to Lemmy at all. Please elaborate how would a graphics card on some random server help protect actual victims?

    mojo ,

    Unnecessary censorship is fine when it’s clearly a underaged person. You don’t need to check their ID to tell if it’s CSAM, and you don’t need to as well with generated child stuff. If you want to debate it’s legality, that’s a diff conversation, but even an AI generated version is enough to mentally scar the viewer, so there is still harm being done.

    joshuaacasey ,
    @joshuaacasey@lemmy.world avatar

    an imaginary person has no ID because an imaginary person doesn’t exist. Why do you care about protecting imaginary characters instead of protecting actual real existing human beings?

    BeanCounter ,

    PhotoDNA is very proprietary…

    CaptainAniki ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • droans ,

    PhotoDNA isn’t run by Microsoft anymore, but by the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

    glue_snorter ,

    My friend, you haven’t heard about Oracle.

    Microsoft at least gave the world Powershell, to balance out their sins. I can also name other good things they have done. Oracle is pure and deliberate evil.

    I believe that the human race will end in one of three ways:

    • asteroid strike
    • disease
    • Oracle
    drmoose , in The new Mammoth app is a much simpler take on Mastodon | The Verge

    I for one value the minor barrier to entry. Mastodon quality degraded greatly with Twitter migrants. Just take a look at bluesky or threads - the content quality is not even close to that of Mastodon despite being projects in similar market position.

    I know it sounds mean and there has to be a "better way" but a bit of friction goes a long way. If you're too dumb to figure out Mastodon you're too dumb for the internet - there I said it.

    Nikokin , in It would be cool to see an organization like this one get federated

    There is a "iNaturalist network", not sure if that counts https://www.inaturalist.org/sites/network

    MargotRobbie , in After Radio Silence, Kbin App Artemis Shuts Down
    @MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

    Developing alternative frontends like Artemis at this stage of Kbin development is really putting the cart before the horse. Compared to Lemmy, kbin is much more different than reddit due to is micro blogging capabilities and other Mastodon-like feature, such as boosts, that it is difficult to straight up port a reddit app to Kbin. Development wise, Lemmy is also much more mature, as the backend was already separated from the frontend and Jerboa exist as a reference app, where as far as I can tell, Kbin didn't have a reference app, or even a backend API at the time.

    I'm not a programmer, but it seems to me, in retrospect, that the wise thing for Hariette to do is to join the Kbin dev team, contribute to the main repo, and make Artemis the reference Kbin app instead striking out on her own on a custom implementation and running her own instance at the same time. It's sad that she appears to be burnt out right now.

    breadsmasher , in It would be cool to see an organization like this one get federated
    @breadsmasher@lemmy.world avatar

    what benefit would having a federated version bring?

    schwim , in The new Mammoth app is a much simpler take on Mastodon | The Verge
    @schwim@reddthat.com avatar

    Apple only so Fuck'em.

    jacktherippah ,

    What kind of mentality is this? Don't we all want the Fediverse to grow and succeed? Don't you want more apps for the Fediverse to spur adoption? And what is so wrong with it being exclusive to iOS? What do you say about Android exclusive apps then? Fuck them too? Aight listen, I'm a GrapheneOS user. I have been on Android exclusively for the last decades and I'm so sick of this attitude. You Android elitists are so utterly anhedonic. You tire me out. Grow the f up up and let people enjoy what they want geez.

    otter ,
    @otter@lemmy.ca avatar

    The other great thing about the Fediverse is that people have options, and they can explore those options without affecting you

    If someone wants to use Mastodon on an Apple device, then great. If someone wants an algorithm when viewing content, then great.

    We aren't locked into one thing anymore

    kratoz29 ,

    Welcome to the Android good and Apple bad argument.

    maegul ,
    @maegul@lemmy.ml avatar

    There’s a lot of that I think with mastodon apps.

    I suspect it’s devs who want to get paid at some point, which on one hand is fair but also raises interesting concerns about how open/FOSS software dev needs to work with respect to money.

    Beyond that, there was some speculation I saw that the iOS dev space is just more interested in designing social media apps. No idea how true that is.

    terminhell , in The new Mammoth app is a much simpler take on Mastodon | The Verge

    So, algorithms. Pass.

    One of the reasons I don't use the other medias.

    Ashyr ,

    Looks like they're topically curated feeds not algorithms. Doesn't seem like a bad strategy.

    spaduf ,
    @spaduf@slrpnk.net avatar

    Newsmast is trying something similar but they're backed by a nonprofit

    julianh ,

    Some people want some sort of suggestion system. I figure as long as it's an opt-in choice, why not? Gives people what they want and makes the ecosystem more enticing. And at least it's an algorithm that's transparent rather than one controlled by a large corporation.

    SuperSpruce ,

    Definitely! The reason why many of us hate algorithms is that they are constantly pushed on us. Look at what Reddit was doing before they killed third party apps. One of the reasons I went to a third party app was to avoid the Reddit bs.

    People who dislike algorithms can simply avoid this app while people who prefer a personalized feed can use this app.

    maegul ,
    @maegul@lemmy.ml avatar

    I honestly think that mastodon will die on the no algorithms hill.

    Plain reverse-chron just doesn’t scale beyond the “hanging with friends and neighbours” experience that mastodon was designed for.

    Which is a great experience/platform, but not the social media many are after, I suspect, for better or worse. And also, I suspect, an experience that’s not so hard to get elsewhere.

    Thing is that lemmy/Reddit show how helpful simple sorting and aggregated recommendation systems can be without any opacity to users. I’m still baffled that mastodon and people there haven’t embraced that ethos more.

    Spotlight7573 ,

    I agree that the no algorithm hill gets annoying once you're following enough people.

    What I don't understand is why they don't setup something like Bluesky has where you can choose which algorithm you want, including those not made directly by the Bluesky team:

    One of those algorithms could just be a chronological feed that some people seem dead set on sticking with. Everyone can be happy.

    WeLoveCastingSpellz ,

    no. It is an algorithm in itself to go from the latest post to the oldest. Algorithm just means a way to list the posts and a kind of suggestion system thst's optional is good for mastodon because that's one of the biggest thibgs preventing people from seitching or the first thing you have to get used to when you gwt into the fediverse

    helenslunch , in The new Mammoth app is a much simpler take on Mastodon | The Verge


    kratoz29 ,

    You dislike Apple? Shocking.

    cupcakezealot , in Threads has hashtags now
    @cupcakezealot@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

    as a tumblr user for about ten years now i wish more socials did multi word tags

    also i really hope threads does activitypub soon. i love threads but i little too be able to combine socials and follow the more mainstream people on threads as well as the people i follow on mastodon

    BlueEther , in It would be cool to see an organization like this one get federated
    @BlueEther@no.lastname.nz avatar

    I think that is one use case that I wouldn't want to see the service split up. It's strength is that all the data is in one place and little fragments wont vanish id instances go down

    Been a user for nearly 10 years?

    autotldr Bot , in The new Mammoth app is a much simpler take on Mastodon | The Verge

    This is the best summary I could come up with:

    The official Mastodon app is fine, but there’s also Ivory, Mona, Fedilab, Ice Cubes, Elk, Mastoot, and many others.

    This openness is part of the whole appeal of the ActivityPub-powered social networking ecosystem, and it has already led to some solid new ideas.

    Now, with the launch of Mammoth 2 for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, the app is going even deeper into curation and personalization: it’s launching a series of “Smart Lists” filled with good posts, a set of suggested people and accounts to follow, and more.

    Most lists are filled with websites and well-known posters, so they’re more like a starting point than a long-term solution.

    The default process has improved over time, but it’s still a lot of work to pick a server, sign up, find people, and get your timeline tuned just the way you like.

    In general, he says he sees the app as a way to explore the entire fediverse, whether it’s on Mastodon or Pixelfed or anywhere else.

    The original article contains 615 words, the summary contains 164 words. Saved 73%. I'm a bot and I'm open source!

    scytale , in After Radio Silence, Kbin App Artemis Shuts Down

    Oh damn. I have the beta on my phone but haven’t really used it since I’m not on kbin. I was waiting for it to be compatible with lemmy. Too bad because it has a very nice looking and smooth interface and it seemed very promising. Adios to the app on my phone I guess.

    blivet ,
    @blivet@kbin.social avatar

    Yes, the whole thing is especially frustrating because the app was quite nice. Harriette did a really good job really quickly.

    SgtAStrawberry , in Threads has hashtags now

    So the Tumblr tags will finally reach their true form.

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