livus , avatar

Good article, this person federates.

I don't get why the author seems to be saying we can't see lists of lemmy communities from kbin, though.

czech , avatar

From kbin- how do you see a list of communities on I've been navigating to in a separate browser window to discover communities to individually search/subscribe to from kbin.

livus , avatar

Go to and turn on local and federated, then hit the search button. For some reason all the top "hot" are kbin but the "new" and "active" are various.

Then if you specifically want, say,, type that into the search field and hit search again. It will all show.

czech , avatar

This shows the communities that are already federated to my instance. Its not a full list.

Teppic , avatar

True, but searching from a Lemmy instance will still only show you the ones which that one instance knows about. (I think?)

czech , avatar

Yea, a lemmy instance will show the same kinds of results for federated communities but there is no substitute for viewing the local communities from that instance.

dan , avatar

Right. I usually use to search for communities.

Niello ,

Click on the tab Magazines at the top, select local and federate, put in the search box to see all communities. If you want to check for community with certain keywords you can try putting [keyword] It can search for the keyword in both the name and description, but not extensive as if you'd search on

This can use some improvement, but it's not a Kbin problem though, since Lemmy is even worse when it comes to searching for communities outside each instance.

czech , avatar

Edit: this just shows me the magazines that are federated to my instance

Niello ,

Ah, I see what you mean now. In that case I don't think you can do it on Kbin natively rn. There is this website though, which might help a bit. At least imo it's easier to use.

You can just filter for only When you find a community you want to join you'll have to type the handle of the community in the search icon to the right rather than in the Magazine tab for communities that doesn't already have a copy on your instance.

Teppic , avatar

The article specifically says you can't search federated communities from kbin, but you can from Lemmy. This is just incorrect, both allow you to search local or local and federated.

czech , avatar

Oh, right on then.

Candelestine ,

A thorough, consumer-facing breakdown by a major tech news site? I think we’re moving up in the world…

Though I wish they would’ve added a couple more paragraphs going into the data privacy/security concerns that some people have. I guess the average consumer isn’t particularly bothered these days, kinda gotten used to it. Would’ve been nice though.

chris , avatar

@Hairyblue Thanks for this. Who thought that this year would be the one Reddit and Twitter get down the road and f*ck up its community?

Asor ,

Probably the best article about the subject I’ve read on the “mainstream” media.

staticlifetime ,

Best article I've read about Kbin/Lemmy in mainstream media. Kudos to the author.

realcaseyrollins ,

Lotide is good too.

melroy , avatar
staticlifetime ,

Glad people are not letting that die. That's why I'm here too, despite being on Lemmy long before.

Roundcat , avatar

@melroy @Hairyblue This is one of the reasons I use kbin over lemmy. The devs don't seem to have the same problematic beliefs as the lemmy devs. Also from my experience, the majority of the lemmy user base don't seem to share in their beliefs either.

xc2215x ,

Best by far.

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