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Sure. Just look at Wordpress... it's a blogging platform rather than a forum, but it has an ActivityPub plugin available that allows federation of blog posts and comments. ActivityPub is a standard published by the W3C (the same organization that oversees the HTML standard, among many others). Anyone can implement the standard in their software if they want to.

HeinousTugboat ,

Small point of fact, but HTML is actually overseen by WHATWG primarily, not W3C. W3C agreed back in 2019 to just follow WHATWG's process.

Destragras , avatar

In the meantime, exists.

GeekFTW , avatar


wisdomchicken ,

NodeBB is also working on activitypub integration

themoonisacheese , avatar

Sure. Reddit could, if they wanted, implement activitypub and join Lemmy, and Twitter could too and join Mastodon. Of course, since their server software wasn’t designed to do this it would be a significant investment and they won’t want to do it for a slew of business reasons, but if they really wanted they could.

kratoz29 ,

Don’t be too modest, what good forums are you talking about? 👀

OsrsNeedsF2P ,

You’d be asking PhpBB or Discourse to implement ActivityPub. The latter already has a plugin for it, but PhpBB doesn’t have much discussion on the topic

priapus ,

Yep, pretty much anything can implement it. Discourse is working on an ActivityPub plugin.

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