FBI Seizure of Mastodon Server is a Wakeup Call to Fediverse Users and Hosts to Protect their Users ( www.eff.org )

We’re in an exciting time for users who want to take back control from major platforms like Twitter and Facebook. However, this new environment comes with challenges and risks for user privacy, so we need to get it right and make sure networks like the Fediverse and Bluesky are mindful of past...

NateSwift ,

Just a reminder that nothing on the Fediverse is private. Because of the distributed nature, anyone with an instance can scrape everything you’ve ever posted and this is working as intended.

Direct messages are readable to whoever is hosting your instance and the instance of the person you send them to.

Be careful what you share on the Fediverse and be careful what you share when setting up an account

lol3droflxp ,
@lol3droflxp@kbin.social avatar

It’s strange that this even has to be said. This should be basic internet knowledge.

bigblekkok ,
@bigblekkok@kbin.social avatar

It used to be the norm back when common sense still existed on this planet.

woshang ,

A correction/clarification for those people who are trying to find freedom of speech on Fediverse,
as Nate says, nothing on the Fediverse is private.
Because everything is transparent, and they all link to your personal email address.

Freedom of speech on Fediverse is still limted cuz it is not private, and still has moderator.

Remember, Freedom can't exist without Privacy.

okawari ,
@okawari@kbin.social avatar

This doesn't seem entirely accurate to me.

Most public platforms interacting with the Fediverse today does require you to register an email address out of practical considerations but this is not a requirement of the system in itself. It is possible to both post and read an unmoderated fediverse with enough effort.

If you don't like the moderation of your particular server, you are fully able to create your own or set up an existing solution yourself that gives you 100% control over what kind of content you post, and in turn which content you federate to your server. Of course, you can't control which servers decide to allow your content on their server, but any user of servers where your content is blocked can do the same and have access to your content again.

As far as privacy goes, you can rent servers and purchase domains with crypto currencies which are not traceable back to you where you can host your own service that interacts with the fediverse, making you 100% able to control the information you post into it.

mightysashiman ,
@mightysashiman@kbin.social avatar

Freedom can't exist without Privacy

Of course it can. They are simply 2 unrelated concepts. Expressing yourself on reddit was like going into public space, and yelling whatever you had in mind. Doing so on fediverse is the same, but with microphones picking up your yelling to propagate it around the world.
You can have Freedom to express yourself while respecting your privacy: just don’t yell it (i.e. chose a closed private invite only community) or go to som remote forest / desert where there is nobody to hear you yell. Join an invite-only group/room on signal or matrix.

Freedom and Privacy can only exist with common sense.

density ,
@density@kbin.social avatar

fucking <3 the EFF

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

FBI could also just setup his own Mastodon instance and start subscribing.. ;) In fact, you can also setup a malicious fediverse node (I will not go into details here).
TLDR; A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Which was this instance during maintenance apparently.

Amos_Na111 ,

So what's the difference of being decentralized and being federated?

okawari ,
@okawari@kbin.social avatar

A federated system is in a decentralized system too, but I reckon you're asking about the difference between something that is decentralized in the way Bitcoin or similar systems are, versus the federated software of the Fediverse.

This might be an oversimplification, but the main difference comes mostly down to a philosophy on state and statemanagement.
A decentralized system in the style of Bitcoin and such are a single source of truth decided by consensus of many independent actors(servers) where none of them have any more influence than the other.
However it is important that all actors agree on the entire state of the system, you can't have an actor that only cares about transcations of exactly 420$ for example.
If some servers have a different view which transactions are true; this is a problem for bitcoin as the system requires a single consensus of whats real to work. (I'm no BC expert, but this should be true on a high level, even if there are practical solutions to this)

On the other hand, a federated systems like on Mastodon are a bunch of independent servers which have their own state(ie posts and what not). They are the ultimate owner of said content, in the sense that that they don't need approval of any other member in the fediverse to post that content. The decentralized part of the fediverse is obviously the fact that fediverse servers shares its posts with all other servers it knows off, but its not expected behavior that all servers in the fediverse has to have all posts, and the system is not degraded should some posts be missing.

can ,

Seized for unrelated reasons.

CorrodedCranium ,
@CorrodedCranium@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Interesting article. It makes me really appreciate the instances that have already gone on to write some form of privacy policy

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