herpderpedia ,
@herpderpedia@kbin.social avatar

Team Mastodon over here. Best part is I don't have to explain why a federated social media is the way to go on Kbin.

SamXavia ,
@SamXavia@kbin.social avatar

@realcaseyrollins I feel as if people are only sticking with the platform because of a few reasons.

  1. They want to go where the majority of people are
  2. The Brands & people they like to interact with haven't jumped ship either
  3. They are unaware of alternatives such as Kbin or Mastodon (as well as any other that I can't think of atm)
  4. They are Elon fans and hate to think otherwise.
  5. They are super right wing and don't want to join a 'Woke' platform
  6. They don't think a Decentralised system would work

There's probably more other reasons and would love to know your thoughts about what I feel is some of the reasons people don't want to leave X or Twitter, What ever you want to call it.

JelloBrains ,
@JelloBrains@kbin.social avatar

Mastodon also doesn't feed you content from my understanding, you have to curate your feed yourself, and a lot of people don't mind the algorithm of places like TwitterX and Facebook feeding them random stuff.

SamXavia ,
@SamXavia@kbin.social avatar

@JelloBrains Yes you are right, mastodon doesn't have the 'normal' feed they are used to. I like the explanation that it's like a Garden, you have to pick the weeds but the things you grow are much sweeter in the end.

astrionic ,

They want to go where the majority of people are

For me the majority isn't even relevant, I'm on Twitter specifically to follow certain people or organisations which are related to my interests. I barely use Twitter these days but most of the accounts I follow are still on Twitter and bascially nobody is active on Mastodon (or any other alternative I can access for that matter).

I love the idea of Mastodon, but it's worthless to me if my timeline is empty. Lemmy and Kbin are different because they're organised around topics instead of people.

SamXavia ,
@SamXavia@kbin.social avatar

@astrionic I did actually make this point in point number 2. The Brands & people they like to interact with haven't jumped ship either.

This is where Threads is a good example of why it needs to federalize as it actually does have a lot of Brands & people on there and if it did, it would be able to interact with Mastodon as well as the rest of the Fediverse. As well as in my point number 1. They want to go where the majority of people are.

Some people are like sheep and go with the flock, if a big company or influencer moved over to Mastodon or any part of the Fediverse they might actually move across themselves, even if they crosspost it's a good start allowing people to move away from TwitterX if they wish to. But yes the Fediverse has fewer people & brands of the moment but in due time people will mostly get fed-up with being toyed around by these centralized platforms.

woshang ,

Why would they put META and TIKTOK on there?????

Aren't they the same as Twitter/X???

Censorship, Dataleaks.....

trynn ,
@trynn@kbin.social avatar

Why would they put META and TIKTOK on there?????

Because they're alternatives to Twitter?
Not everybody on the Internet cares about censorship, data leaks, or centralized services. In fact, most people don't. You just happen to be in a bubble of mostly like-minded people here on the Fediverse. For everyone else out there, now that their digital house is on fire they just want to find a new house that's as close to their old one as possible.

Izzy ,
@Izzy@lemmy.world avatar

But can you even try BlueSky? I looked at the website, but it appears to be invite only. Which is a strange choice as it seems like it will prevent it from ever succeeding.

RobBanks ,
@RobBanks@sh.itjust.works avatar

I heard Jack wants all of the power users to be in place first before he let’s the rabble in, but I dunno

Izzy ,
@Izzy@lemmy.world avatar

Seems like a risky move. The whole transition away from old Twitter could be over before bluesky even joins the race. It’s definitely lost my vote in favor of Mastodon. I can register for Mastodon right now.

palordrolap ,

But the model of a protracted invite-only period worked so well for Google Plus, tho.

Blaze ,
@Blaze@sopuli.xyz avatar

I think they are still trying to damage control the PR scandal about the racial slur: techcrunch.com/…/bluesky-racial-slurs-banned-list…

hetscop ,

They've been invite only since before that, it's unrelated

Blaze ,
@Blaze@sopuli.xyz avatar

Then it’s indeed strange that they keep the invite system while it’s a perfect timing for them to grab the Twitter userbase

Alto ,
@Alto@kbin.social avatar

I'd wager they're simply not ready for the sudden influx

CaptainJanegay ,

Since they say that all their content moderation is currently being done by two backend devs on top of their actual jobs, that seems like a safe bet.

brunox ,
@brunox@feddit.cl avatar

Lots of Twitter users I know that “want to leave” twitter are waiting for bluesky. It’s like there’s no other alternative for them, only bsky. I don’t know how long these expectative thing will work out for bsky. Especially now that threads is around.

cyborganism ,

I don’t know why people would join yet another corporate backed social network that exploits them and use their personal information and their content for profit.

hetscop ,

It's gonna go public eventually, this is like a closed beta kind of thing. The purpose seems to be more to get people curious about it and foster a certain culture which I must say that they've been pretty effective at. They strategically handed out invites to a lot of black twitter users for example, which is smart since black twitter has historically been an important cultural force on the internet

Terevos ,
@Terevos@lemm.ee avatar

Facebook was invite only. The you had to have an edu email address. Then they finally opened it up for everyone.

Exclusivity can drive marketing for a time. People want in on what only some can have.

blivet ,
@blivet@kbin.social avatar

Up to a point. Google+ was invite only for so long that by the time it became available to the general public no one cared anymore. When people signed in with their new accounts they couldn’t find anyone they knew, and they never came back.

Really stupid on Google’s part, because they launched at a time when people were angry with Facebook for selling private user data, and a lot of users probably would have moved to G+ if they had been able to.

Terevos ,
@Terevos@lemm.ee avatar

There’s a number of things they messed up with Google+. I did like their share circles concept.

a-man-from-earth ,
@a-man-from-earth@kbin.social avatar

I remember Google Mail being invite only...

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