waag , Dutch
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Our smartphones, operating systems and apps are dominated by Google & Apple. "[...] these two Silicon Valley profit-driven companies decide which apps are or aren't allowed, and moderate what our mobile software looks like." says @danlammerhirt from @waag working on the Mobifree project (together with a.o. @efoundation @fdroid @nlnetlabs @murena @microg @delta


Aradia ,
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You can still install a ROM ungoogled. It's like https://github.com/iv-org/invidious/issues/3872, Google trying to shut down Invidious, but they can't. Don't let big tech fool you, there is freedom, you just need to be educated to those tools.

FriendBesto ,

They are stuck using only WebKit and glorified wrappers and its limitations.
On that Android is better.

Tuffi , German
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Hey. Could you please Update the changelog ti 1.19.1?

Asudox ,
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Tuffi OP ,
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Thank you.

var , (edited )
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Best Clock? Currently using Simple Chess Clock /via https://github.com/simenheg/simple-chess-clock @fdroid

Cris_Color ,
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Would it just be for keeping score? I'm curious what use you might want an app to help fill for ping pong

Hope you're having a good one :)

beta_tester ,


BartS ,

A big shout out to my favourite free apps: @fdroid

All installed on @LineageOS

possiblylinux127 ,
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Be careful as its highly addicting. Anytime I have free time I'm out mapping. (Its really fun)

BartS OP ,

@lgsp I don't think Ghostracer is FOSS, but it works without gapps, and it was the first non-gapps I found, and it uploads easily to Strava.

pseudonym ,
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New . Can't seem to install @fdroid to get personalDNSFilter installed.

Is there a chrome-book equivlent for easily managing a DNS block list, on device?

Yes, I can run something on my home netwok, but what I'm looking for is an easy, on-device solution, like installing a "local vpn" like does on my phone, into which I can put my own block list, and easily add and remove entries.

Browser extensions not enough, want to intercept all IP.

trouble ,
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@pseudonym @fdroid interesting problem. DNS serving is IP based (i.e. site/network configured; DHCP), so I have trouble imagining how a "for your domain" DNS service would work. A VPN provides a newer DNS server address, but that requires it to run constantly. I have set up ChromeOS Flex with a VPN and it disconnects when sleeping and needs manual reconnecting. Therefore: possible, but annoying. Reliable and automatic requires software mods of your host local DNS cache (like dnsmasq) cli flags.

pseudonym OP ,
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@trouble @fdroid

Yeah. PersonalDNSFilter does basically what I want, for my android phone. Was looking for that, for chromeOS. It basically just does the "local VPN" trick, with an easy interface

May look into dnsMasq.

Old school, i'd just edit /etc/hosts for the donations I want to block and call it a day

MusiqueNow ,
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Would you contact , developer in Budapest, who created a boycott app

(SOURCE: , Al Jazeera, 'Are The Boycotts Against Israel Having An Impact?')


MusiqueNow OP ,
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MMRnmd ,
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It's an idea I've always wanted to develop, but lacking skills.
Thx for that info mate ️

eudaimon , (edited ) Catalan
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acabo de descobrir una aplicació que és la canya al @fdroid . aquest missatge està pràcticament tot dictat a aquest teclat de reconeixement de veu, que té molts idiomes inclòs al català. realment pensava que el reconeixement de veu utilitzant un android totalment lliure era una quimera, però veig que no. l'única cosa que li haig d'indicar és la puntuació i alguna paraula que no és purament catalana, com "f-droid"

(edit: el programa és Sayboard, https://f-droid.org/es/packages/com.elishaazaria.sayboard/ )

eudaimon OP ,
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eudaimon OP ,
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@moribundo @fdroid Amb l'emoció em vaig oblidar de mencionar-la XD És Sayboard: https://f-droid.org/es/packages/com.elishaazaria.sayboard/

DanieruOtakuBoy , Spanish
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Alegría 😀 la app de @moshidon ya está en @fdroid .

kirschner ,
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In @dsearls and @webmink talk with @fdroid 's @eighthave . Hear from 's technical lead Hans-Christoph about the current and future of the () catalogue for the platform and what plans there are to make it even easier to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.
https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly/episodes/741(transparency: I am a board member of )

cosmogore ,
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Some bollocks crushing organisations to reduce the surveillance you endure. They all have different things they are doing. Check them out.


cosmogore OP ,
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If the list was not useful, I would get off my fat butt and educate myself instead of acting like a total Billy Hunt.

You clearly have more than enough spare time. You started and continue what amounts to a useless and pointless discussion.

If it ain't helpful to you, get over it and move on.

Eheran ,

It is exactly NOT about me, but about every random person who stubbles across your post.

I was trying to tell you how to increase impact. If your don’t care about this (constructive) criticism, then YOU need to move on.

My example should be plenty good enough to get the point across.

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Uhm... is it only me? My @fedilab app from @fdroid is not updating my home timeline...

PrettyBlackDress ,
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Honestly, all the fediverse apps lag

kirschner ,
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What is your favourite app? Would be interested if I can discover a few new cool apps, I missed until now. Thank you already for sharing! @fdroid

chewie ,
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@kirschner @fdroid I'll try harder then :)

client https://owncloud.com/
We use it to connect to our own server for storing receipts, plane tickets, company documentation etc. It's great to keep things synced between devices.

A similar thing is , which is cross platform although I don't have a use case for it at the moment, sadly. https://syncthing.net

xtb ,
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@cryptgoat @kirschner @fdroid

and for recipes collection. It works great ❤️

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