Elon lied about the monkeys — and he shouldn't be trusted to put his Neuralink chips in human brains.

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Elon lied about the monkeys — and he shouldn’t be trusted to put his Neuralink chips in human brains.

“They are claiming they are going to put a safe device on the market, and that’s why you should invest,” Ryan Merkley at the Physicians Committee, told Wired. “And we see his lie as a way to whitewash what happened in these exploratory studies.”

Really heartbreaking reading what happened to the monkeys.

People quite rightly think of Elizabeth Holmes as a fraud for making false medical claims about what the Theranos machines could do. So why aren’t Elon’s claims at Neuralink being held to the same level of scrutiny?



guacupado ,

Honestly let them volunteer. The fewer pro-Musk people around the better.

Saprophyte ,
@Saprophyte@lemmy.world avatar

Something I learned from trail hiking is if you’re ever lost in the woods, do not panic. Just say loudly and clearly ‘Elon Musk is not a genius,’ and several of the most unfuckable men alive will appear out of nowhere to call you poor, then you can follow them to the parking lot where their Tesla exploded."


FlyingSquid ,
@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

I’m guessing Elon would be a similar stat- yourtango.com/…/most-gen-z-millennial-women-find-…

nandeEbisu ,

He’s looking for volunteers among disabled individuals who may be more desperate for treatment more than fanboys. It would be more predatory than anything.

iforgotmyinstance ,

I’d love to subscribe to this mentality, I cheered on COVID for eliminating so many of the dumb fuckers damaging this nation.

But it runs counter to the role of government. Everyone in charge of Neuralink deserves jail time already, and it will only get worse if they let them experiment on people.

protist ,

The path to getting this on the market is straight up a cliff. Musk has never been one to care about following regulations, but the medical device market is regulated in a way he has never encountered before. Any physician relying on lies or unethical practices to move forward with what is literally brain surgery is at risk of losing their license to practice medicine. There are a thousand ways the government could put a stop to this up to and including holding people criminally liable

TruTollTroll ,
@TruTollTroll@lemmy.world avatar

As .much as I want to agree with this…I go back to the opiates crisis we had… they followed Purdue quite religiously over kick backs for prescribing opiates while knowing the lie Purdue and it’s family were selling… I really can’t imagine this will be much different… only a few doctors will stand against it this time, while many more will enjoy the kick back until public out cry becomes too much… which will take years and multiple deaths…

protist ,

while knowing the lie Purdue and it’s family were selling

This is arguable. What is clear is Perdue lied about the addictive nature of their products and funded “research” that furthered their sales. What is much less clear is how they would be responsible for how the entire body of medicine developed an approach to pain management that involved symptom relief through the prescription of opiates

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