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McMichael Professor of Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | he / him | Face for radio cover avatar


Educationalist-retired but still fully captured - collecting, circulating, connecting, collaborating and with some luck contributing a bit every now and then through my website collection of edu links
(and don’t miss my threads of gardening dabbling. Grateful for any comments on those …)
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Director of Professional Development for, an education non-profit based in Texas that spans the globe. I serve as an edu/edtech blogger, online course developer/coordinator, and workshop facilitator.

Read my blogs and see courses developed online at the linked websites below.

Interests: #edtech #education #leadership #teacher #CriticalThinking #GoogleEdu #CTO #Texas #Cyber #StudentPrivacy #TCEA #Curriculum #K12Libraries #tootfinder

Twitter: @tceajmg cover avatar


Mostly harmless ProEarth AntiRacist (she/her)
Toots mostly in Dutch

  • Leest veel, schrijft een beetje
  • Werkt in het onderwijs
  • Vrijwilligt bij de bieb
  • Koestert katjes Bobo en Maddy
  • Pleit voor de vrijheid van meningsuitstel
  • Vindt heus wel eens iets, vooral na lang zoeken
  • Probeert het goede te zien en te doen
  • Maakt lijsten

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Foto's door mijzelf tenzij anders vermeld of geboost

Profile pic: me in a kaleidoscope
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STEM teacher educator. Humanizing teaching and learning. Believer of student brilliance. Luddite. Disbeliever of silver bullets. Nobody is coming to save us. #Edutoot #Ungrading #STEMed cover avatar


Owner of
The place to be for all #educators.

ICT onderwijsinhoudelijke inspirator, #MIEExpert, #eTwinning ambassadeur , Informatica docent en #Cloud systeembeheerder.

Vader van drie, en getrouwd.
Hobby; ICT, Duiken en #Formula1 fan.

oprichter van en de gekoppelde plek van #fedi22

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IB chemistry teacher in Bangkok (from Queensland, Australia). Lover of innuendos, hair metal, and geekery. Sounds like fun doesn't it?! 🕹️🧪🛼

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Ph.D. in Instructional Design. Career educator. Cancer Survivor. Collector of Interesting People. Tech lover. Big blue dot in south Alabama. Air Force Brat. Former ALSDF officer. Please do an “about” if you want a follow.

Do not PM me to say hello.

Apologies in advance for not following you if your account is locked/private. I believe that defeats the point of social media.

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He/Him. Educational leader and soccer coach from SW Wisconsin. UW-Madison ELPA alum. Eclectic thinker, reader, and writer.

Frequent topics: news, education, justice and equity allyship, soccer (Tottenham and the English Premier League), Fediverse meta.

More than occasionally toots nonsense.

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A secondary school English Teacher looking to connect with interesting, innovative people. Loves good cheese, good walks and good animals. cover avatar


Associate Professor @univ (France). I work on serious game design cover avatar


#Law + #Technology for Good

Intentionally designed prosocial games for teens about serious & complex issues:

🎮 #Consent, #CriticalThinking #Gaslighting, #HealthyRelationships, #MediaLiteracy, #Resilience, #TeenDatingViolence

► Founder: #Nonprofit (
► Publisher: #Prosocial #PublicHealth #Games since 2008 (
► Speaker: Abuse/violence prevention through non-violent games

Always happy to speak with folks who want to be part of the solution. cover avatar

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EdTech leader in Western New York. Classes can be more engaging and innovative if technology is being used.

Married with 2 children. One child just graduated and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. The other child is still in college.

I make winter hats and give them away to students who don't have a hat in the winter. I just enjoy making the hats.

Was featured in the book "Invent to Learn" by Stager and Martinez. Wrote a chapter in the Liz Kolb book "From Toys to Tools." cover avatar


In my professional life, I'm an international Educator and Psychology M.Sc. Student.

In my spare time, I'm a hobbyist #GameDev and #Godot dabbler. Hails from 🇳🇱, lives in 🇭🇰. Currently trying to put together Fhaloness (Adventure-RPG pixel art hybrid).

Interested in all things #SEN, #Wellbeing, #Education, #Safeguarding & #Psychology

All views and opinions expressed are my own and not affiliated with any past or current employer. cover avatar


Assistant Professor at University of Groningen | Previously at the DSG Group at TU Wien, and KTH | Posts mostly about #technology and #politics, in EN/SQ/TR/MK/DE/HR | Previously worked on social computing, currently focused on #largescale #network analysis | Interests: #networkscience #provenance #adaptivesystems #complexsystems #humancenteredAI #AI #privacy #ethics From Ohrid 🌊 avatar


Semi-retired teacher of kids and coding, lifelong learner, author of Hard Fun: Supercharge Your Middle School CS Classroom with Project-based, Hands-on, Just-in-time Learning! Minecraft Global Mentor, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, blues afficianado. Making a mashup of Minecraft and DnD. cover avatar


#Professeur de #Mathématiques au collège.👨‍🏫
#RRUPN 🧑‍💻
Docteur et ancien Ingénieur de #Recherche en #Sciences de l'#Alimentation.👨‍🔬
Heureux papa d'une petite fille de 3ans ; #musicien et #sportif à mes heures perdues (peu nombreuses).🏃‍♂️🎸
J'ai un faible pour l'#informatique scientifique :
GNU Octave, R (#statistiques), Python...👨‍💻
"Nicolay Lilicre" est une anagramme 🫨 cover avatar


Engineering education researcher. Mainly interested in motivation within learning environments. I occasionally write about various tech and EV developments. Lecturer cover avatar


Writer of speculative fiction. Reader of everything.

he/him cover avatar


Living in Germany, Generation X, working as software architect and coding with .Net

Private projects:

Interests: Photo Art, Tom Waits, Zazen, Politics, Coding for kids, Science.

if (#WeTryHarder) #OurWorldCanStillBeSaved; cover avatar


Always trying to find a balance between sweet and sour. Both in cooking and life

Toots grotendeels in Nederlands omdat de meeste Tooters die ik volg Nederlands tooten, but throws in the occasional English

Avatar: self-portrait
Header: self sewn place mats

Zij/haar She/her

Taartenbakster | Espressozetster | Kookboekenverslaafde

Photography | Family Life cover avatar


YA fantasy author and high school math teacher at the Churchill School and Center in New York City cover avatar


Navigating academia while distracted by shiny things. Advocating for meaningful diversity & inclusion.

#ADHD #HigherEd #Pedagogy #UDL #Accessibility #InclusiveTeaching cover avatar


Video games for students to support and encourage critical thinking. A new game design challenge from the award-winning Gaming Against Violence program.

Finalists are currently vying for $10,000 in prize money. Winning games announced in Sept.

Visit our website to learn more about critical thinking and the game design challenge:

Presented by the nonprofit charity Jennifer Ann's Group.

#CriticalThinking #VideoGame #Nonprofit #Education #GameDesign #IndieGameDev cover avatar


Author of 1st book about the impacts of trauma on adult learners & 1st guide to teaching in prison (; creator & co-host of the Galactic Cow (@galacticow &, podcast about teaching, the Universe, and everything ♥

#Artist #Educator #Writer #Abolitionist
#TraumaResponsiveEducation #AdultLearning #AdultEducation #MeOutLoud #HigherEdInPrison #CorrectionsEd #Education #Educator #fedi22 #tootfinder cover avatar


I'm still here, I have photos to prove it. (All photos I post are mine unless specifically stated otherwise.)

My non-pinned posts are set to delete after 2 months.

No alt text, no boost. cover avatar

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Author. The Host of #PennedPossibilities. Weaver of weird and wonderful tales. Published in #DoctorWho magazines and books. I dabble in different genres of fiction. TTRPG and DnD Game Master. Podcast Host. Pan, enby, she/they. INFP, word nerd, and daydreamer. Writer of RP stories. Gamer. OCD. #ActuallyAutistic and learning. Multiple Sclerosis warrior. Beethoven aficionado. Peter Capaldi fan. Nordic Pagan. The peanut butter to's jelly. Forever's soul sibling. cover avatar


Math teacher 8th grade. #edutoot #edutooter.
Opinions are my own.
I wouldn't mind rethinking #education completely. Comment on my dream school.

Profile pic is my face, mid 50s, balding, white, male at Devil's Lake Wisconsin State Park in the fall. trees in the background showing their fall colors. cover avatar


Dem activist, AjunctProf 'Emerita', feminist, Buddhist bent, eroding Floridian, e-trike rider, Domer ☘️!

#TeamPete #feminism #womensstudies #cats #Florida #SouthBend #history #Dems #justice #folklore #staugustine #croatia #buddhism #lovingkindness #walkablecities

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