OC skyRant | an unofficial client for everything devRant

skyRant has been a long ride. The project initially started with me, joewilliams007, creating a devRant client for watches running wear-os, also known as watchRant, available in the PlayStore and on GitHub.

As the project turned out as a success for myself, i thought of ways of "improving" and "adding on-top" of devRants mobile client. It turns out, the community itself had wanted some features since forever. Thus, skyRant was created. Features were added, like link-previews, user blocking, widgets, random rants, community projects page and the incredible animation of SIMMORSAL.

Due to the now-co-existence of the two clients, watchRant and skyRant, a third-party server had to step in for external synchronisation, and skyAPI was born, syncing blocked items and following users, plus it came with the ability to customize your profile further and react to posts with emojis.

Meanwhile the community was changing. Two new networks were added: Matrix - and this magazine on /kbin/melroy.

Both of which have open API endpoints which, I am proud to announce, can now be accessed to some extend through skyRant.

Please note: any previous versions have to be uninstalled, before updating, as the app signing key has changed - it was lost :0.

skyRant apk can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice time ranting :).

Image of skyRant main page
melroy Admin ,
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@joewilliams007 Awesome! My advice is to add screenshots to your GitHub readme file and also include some kind of demo video. It's really awesome to see such a Android Client.

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