Freelancing with Free Software | Creative Freedom Summit 2023

It is my favorite talk on Creative Freedom Summit - "Freelancing with Free Software" by @ryangorley! Hope you enjoy my video edit.

It's about doing freelance works as a FOSS agency and why they, and you as well, don't need proprietary packages when there are libre alternatives without imposing a risk of development and support lock-in. Answering top audience questions.

Learn how free and open-source software can power your freelance career and why you should choose it over proprietary commercial software. Get an in-depth look at animated, graphic, and web design work completed by the creative agency @freehive using only these tools.

This is 44 min talk, so you might need to get comfy or do something like a workout during it.

If you want an awfully abridged version, as sort of an introduction, there is a short video, too. My short has got through to "It's FOSS" weekly newsletter.

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Freelancing with Free Software - Timestamps:

  • 00:00 - (Intro)
  • 01:28 - Freelancing with Free Software
  • 18:14 - How to deal with incompatible files from other designers?
  • 19:05 - How do I convince my school to teach FOSS?
  • 20:21 - Shouldn't I use the tool to finish the job the fastest?
  • 21:22 - What about your favorite feature your open source tool lacks?
  • 22:28 - Where do you source the music for your videos?
  • 23:07 - How do you collaborate remotely using FOSS?
  • 25:25 - Any favorite plug-ins for GIMP or Inkscape?
  • 26:04 - What should freelancers do to contribute to their tools?
  • 29:48 - (Intermission) Bob Ross as a Cyborg, Not Evil
  • 31:05 - What about typography and licensing it for projects?
  • 31:55 - What is the biggest hurdle to FOSS adoption?
  • 33:48 - Should I give my client source files?
  • 35:21 - Why not use free/non-subscription software?
  • 36:54 - How can I convince more designers to use FOSS?
  • 38:13 - Do you use Blender for video editing and compare it with traditional workflow?
  • 40:56 - Closing Remarks
  • 43:50 - (Outro) Contact Ryan
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