A code snippet that made him 245 USD for setting up ( github.com )

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A code snippet that made [me 245 USD for setting up]

Okay, so I recorded myself writing code on YouTube which people find and ask me to build projects off of it with some customizations.

But this snippet in particular keeps making me money because people don't want to set it up themselves. They want me to do it lol.

For example, [two months] ago a client asked me questions about said snippet and said they're good to set it up themselves. I told them everything I could. But then, [4 weeks later] they returned and offered me 245 USD for it. There we go, Cha-Ching! Money sliding right into my account.

Store installation code for Laravel controller

SidTheITGuy ,

Looks great vint !!

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Do you wish to post as OC? I've sent you instructions in DMs. If you'll do that, I can easily remove/redirect this one and ping those who have favorited in your fresh post.

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