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Threads? Posts? I'm confused... | Kbin

Terms "thread" and "post" are often used interchangeably on and across the , but, as a reader, you still would like to have some guideline.

Threads are a primary tool of presenting information on Kbin. Think of a thread as a magazine clipping: you cut it out and proudly place on your wall. All you see from afar is a title and some preview image (if any). As you skim over the magazine and click on one such clipping, the entire thread opens before you, now including comments.

Posts are a secondary thing on Kbin. But don't let it fool you: before long, you'll have a microblog of things to share. Yes, posts are usually viewed in the context of Microblog, the section adjacent to Threads. One can call post a micro-thread, of sorts. Unlike your run-of-the-mill thread, a post can present text without any pretence. Reader scrolls through Microblog and they can see contents/replies right away. While lengthy discussions may be collapsed to 1-2 recent replies, it's made so to let other posts shine. As a reader, you don't have to change pages to expand the post.

  • Use Threads to present a pertinent material.
  • Use Microblog to share any updates, tips and little stories.
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@vintprox once again, thank you for explaining the structure. Now what's left for me to learn is how to navigate to this posts or microblogs of dRBB :'). I'm not even sure what this post of urs is categorised at xD.

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@joewilliams007 There are no categories (nor flairs yet) on Kbin, but you're left with tags. As seen in the parent post, there are only few hashtags: kbin, fediverse. Hashtags can act as a categorization unit, their syntax is straightforward and case-insensitive: all that is left is a discipline and creativity from authors.

According to API I've seen, post is just an extension of entry. In the plus menu, there is "Add new post" among other types of entry: link, thread, photo. UI around this is left rigid because of the slight differences in the creation form. That's much unlike Lemmy that gives no such distinction and instead renders some fields very optional - sometimes, it's pretty easy to forget that you're adding a link and that you should put it into URL field, because it was never a requirement in the form (while on Kbin you basically need to fill it out). Read my new guide "How to Add a Thread" to dig into how postings on Kbin and Lemmy differ.

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@joewilliams007 Mbin contributors have caught up and it seems we're not so far away from flairs/badges support!

halfwaythere ,

While I sorta agree I wish you luck with that campaign.

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@halfwaythere Thank you. If you have anything on your mind, don't spare the details. I'm all here for the feedback! 😉

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I hope we can abolish this confusion and interchangeability for good with a fresh community fork of called .

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