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What qualifies as OC? | dR Bulletin Board

Here on we think of as an original content, or an original creation. Think the entire process of production, from start to finish: can you call this your own work? If preview or anything that sits in the thread you're posting contains copyrighted work of someone else, it's most likely just an adaptation/repost and as such you cannot claim it as OC.

OC threads have this small mark prepended to the title to set it apart from other works. Traditionally, OCs get more liberty from the discovery algorythms. I'm not entirely sure how it works on , compared to , but in any situation think of the reader first and algorythm second.

If the piece you're about to share was made by you and you only, don't hesitate and mark it as the original content! But avoid using OC mark for discussion starters, as they don't prove substantial enough of a work as such...

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@vintprox lmao there was me thinking it was an OCD trigger warning flag

thx for explaining

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@joewilliams007 Internet is a disaster for our OCD already xDD

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