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What's a Microblog? | dR Bulletin Board

is the place on that gathers posts that people freely send this way including posts coming from network with 1+ of the featured tags attached: 🏷

Original page: https://kbin.melroy.org/m/drbboard/microblog 📝 It's a community-oriented fork, , that provides the best viewing experience.

Expand posts often

Keep in mind, while scrolling through Microblog, that these micro-threads can only go in so much detail. When you view them at first, they may appear collapsed. It's to prevent the pollution of feed and timeline being owned by the vocal posts. This is like a middle ground between a card you see on Threads with no discussion whatsoever and a lengthy discourse when you open one.

If something is collapsed, right after the Reply button, you will see another button reading Expand - click it to further your context.


Anyone can send here from the Fediverse account they choose (well, almost any). When they do it from Mbin/Kbin, it automatically inserts the magazine's primary tag to posts in ActivityPub protocol, which is a general hashtag.

Use short meta tag for anything related to dR Bulletin Board itself.

You might also want to check whether your post qualifies for the home page, Threads, instead: https://kbin.melroy.org/m/drbboard/t/51078 🛡


Top-level posts that you make in Microblog look a bit different on Lemmy. The first line is stripped as a title for post and entire text is duplicated into body.

To make your post look better everywhere, I think it's imperative to fake a title with some Markdown magic: # Title Here (just plain text without header is enough, too). Use this guideline for the posts that go beyond 2-3 sentences or 1 line, because max. of 200 characters of the first line are copied into the title on Lemmy, and you'd probably want it to be as snappy and short as possible. Avoid including links and other markup in the first line, except aforementioned header.

Check handles

You may notice there are different actors, like in my case: an orange avatar is my Kbin, a green one is my Mastodon, and a blue one is my Lemmy account. It's just something that I do to avoid the confusions around , while people are still not used to lookup everyone's .

The point being is you would probably want to observe which profile is more active and talk with it instead of having awkward silence in response. For example: while I sit through this magazine, I mostly use Kbin, so don't be a stranger and ping @vintprox, not my alts!

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It is uncanny how for is more streamlined than on all platforms: web, desktop ones, Android. Such a nice fork!

It's got no issue with editing replies on mobile. SchildiChat is packed with quality-of-life features, such as bubbles, opening to first unread message and sending read receipts as you scroll down, sliding between spaces, custom room emojis (upload via and use in SC!). Labs are immediately available, pinned messages are on by default.

You usually had to compromise by using less stable to get hands on Labs, but that's not the spirit of development I was looking for in my day-to-day messaging app, so I'm glad Schildi's got it right.

If that's not convincing enough, their mascot is a turtle with a post horn. https://schildi.chat 🐢📯

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@vintprox web and desktop hasnt been updated in a while since the amount of merge conflicts take ages to get through from my understanding, just a fyi since its using outdated electron I think

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@haise After more tinkering and inquiring, I see certain problems: it is as you say, merge requests got clogged up, emoji reactions and few other features from upstream were not merged yet (custom emoji reactions), and the regression from earlier Element version is present (reload hinders connectivity on Windows), can't setup ntfy push notifications on Android without errors (Element can do that).

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Hi all,

I want to do a code competition. It's a fight between stacks. Which one is the best?
The idea is to write a devrant clone in your stack and see how far you'll get in 8hrs.
These 8hrs are pure for coding and testing. IT DOESN'T INCLUDE:

  • setting up tooling (installing python / npm)
  • configuring repository
  • docker configuration (if you want to use it)

How to join: write a comment with the tooling you're about to use (python, node, js, ruby or whatevs) and how far you think you'll get.
Extra: 8hrs is of course nothing, but we can extend this hackaton with 8hr a few times.

retoor OP , (edited )

I'll write my devrant clone in aiohttp (python) and I expect to finish:

  • home screen with listing of rants
  • register page
  • login page
  • rant create page
  • comments

It'll contain a lot of bugs like double registration and such :P

Github: https://github.com/retoor1337/finnegan

What's your github?

@ostream any progress?

retoor OP ,
kest ,
kest avatar

Software Developer from Canada

Played video games and hacked things a bit as a teenager, got a computer science degree and worked in corporate / consulting

Specialised in Java, liked JavaScript much more, now bashing my brains against and moving in

I have a bunch of hobbies and like exploring weird out of the way things. Interest in psychology, , business, and systems as a general.

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Retoor on posts "I miss who I was 20 sec ago" video with Lego Derek wanking off under the blanket.

Me the same day:

That made me realize: We need a horny jail sticker. Yep!

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Share on devRant - click & save!

Backlink: https://devrant.com/rants/9842738

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😂 I hope it's not Windows.

I think I managed to accidentally call up the right-click menu on the subway turnstile.

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November must be the nicest month in ?

3/11 - 's birthday.
6/11 - & .
9/11 - .

🥰 All the hommies are here!

SidTheITGuy , (edited )


Hey Everyone, I am Sid. I primarily work with NodeJS and Laravel and I have 7 years of experience at the time of writing this.
I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials.

Other ways you can reach me:

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@SidTheITGuy Welcome: happy viewers and good time for you! 😉

vintprox ,
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deserves a set of more performant and native applications than being attributed to a page in 's playbook. Stay with me: are we really just going to blindly accept flaws of this messenger and promote it at the same time?

The fact that it only has got to the head of Discord it's long overdue to verify this popular distribution, I think, is worth a comment on itself, but I'll digress. It is nice that enthusiasts made arrangements for this verification and I have zero disagreements with the result. I'm just stupified that, in all this effort, Discord is treated like some spoon-fed royal baby - at least, according to reactions I see.

So, what was it... Flathub already had a library of nice actively developed before these news. I don't see the point in exaggerating the scales on some centralized chat thingabob with well-known and problems, that's all. Thank you for visiting my talk! ❤

Rush ,
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@vintprox I think the reason people are excited about this is because it's the first instance of something of size being verified on Flathub


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Give my threads back, Discord!

Oh, what a dummy, sweet summer child me... Entrusting one feature (that goes astray from and VoIP nature which this piece of garbage was supposed to keep focus on) with link aggregation and presentation: I'm speaking of Discord's forum threads.

After a week of quality time with , I return to "server" (Discord's term for group) to check up on channels. Lurking, scrolling through this joke of a bulletin board in search of older posts proved futile. Most of the are simply gone! It took me long enough to make these pretty cards, now for them to evaporate without any communication from Discord...

You know what? I'm done with that bite more than they can chew, all the while trashing my content! , - shut the front door!!!

I could post this showcase of links on or potential - now I know this better. Hello, . Welcome , my cool abode!

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Custom CSS updates | dR Bulletin Board

Whenever you visit , you will see slight changes in the header. I moved instance's home link to the right to prevent any accidental exits. And there is now a solid icon just in case.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a reply.

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@vintprox The user might only change the logo via the setting, without tinkering CSS stylesheets.

I didn't check the code, but we could set width attribute by default if Twig switches between default logo and user logo.

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After some work by contributors of to introduce an indication of magazine in the top bar, I'm happy to say that it's more clear now WHERE on the site you happen to be. Happily, my little CSS trick has adapted to it quickly, but I made icon smaller to prevent it stealing space.

Again, thanks to the Mbin contributors! There is a lot of work done already, and I feel confident with this fork of to improve one of the store fronts of Fediverse.

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Media Preview | Kbin

A fun discovery today: you can expand embed on a thread with a multimedia link, it's one click away and doesn't get you away from . See this little photo-film icon right under the author? When you click it, the embed drops right under and you can:

  • watch the or video,
  • listen to music,
  • look at the full picture,
  • do a lot more without ever leaving Kbin (meaning there are more media websites that we're left to explore!).

Add links to @drbboard with your favorite music, video guides, art, and tell us your experience with this piece of media that you're sharing! Get distraction-free experience for the viewers and the authors.

melroy Admin ,
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@vintprox How fast the world can change, right? 😂


melroy Admin ,
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Ps. ps. I just noticed Mbin doesn't allow me to easily insert UTF emoticons.. The emoji above I manually needed to copy/paste..

@drbboard @vintprox

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Threads? Posts? I'm confused... | Kbin

Terms "thread" and "post" are often used interchangeably on and across the , but, as a reader, you still would like to have some guideline.

Threads are a primary tool of presenting information on Kbin. Think of a thread as a magazine clipping: you cut it out and proudly place on your wall. All you see from afar is a title and some preview image (if any). As you skim over the magazine and click on one such clipping, the entire thread opens before you, now including comments.

Posts are a secondary thing on Kbin. But don't let it fool you: before long, you'll have a microblog of things to share. Yes, posts are usually viewed in the context of Microblog, the section adjacent to Threads. One can call post a micro-thread, of sorts. Unlike your run-of-the-mill thread, a post can present text without any pretence. Reader scrolls through Microblog and they can see contents/replies right away. While lengthy discussions may be collapsed to 1-2 recent replies, it's made so to let other posts shine. As a reader, you don't have to change pages to expand the post.

  • Use Threads to present a pertinent material.
  • Use Microblog to share any updates, tips and little stories.
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I hope we can abolish this confusion and interchangeability for good with a fresh community fork of called .

vintprox OP Mod ,
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@joewilliams007 Mbin contributors have caught up and it seems we're not so far away from flairs/badges support!

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What qualifies as OC? | dR Bulletin Board

Here on we think of as an original content, or an original creation. Think the entire process of production, from start to finish: can you call this your own work? If preview or anything that sits in the thread you're posting contains copyrighted work of someone else, it's most likely just an adaptation/repost and as such you cannot claim it as OC.

OC threads have this small mark prepended to the title to set it apart from other works. Traditionally, OCs get more liberty from the discovery algorythms. I'm not entirely sure how it works on , compared to , but in any situation think of the reader first and algorythm second.

If the piece you're about to share was made by you and you only, don't hesitate and mark it as the original content! But avoid using OC mark for discussion starters, as they don't prove substantial enough of a work as such...

joewilliams007 ,
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@vintprox lmao there was me thinking it was an OCD trigger warning flag

thx for explaining

vintprox OP Mod ,
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@joewilliams007 Internet is a disaster for our OCD already xDD

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