dR Bulletin Board

OC Icon | dR Community Server

Icon made especially for the Discord guild, dR Community Server. Rubber duck was a mascot from the start used in multiple places. In 2022, rainbow background was added to accentuate icon's body on hover....

Background outside the circle consisting from red, yellow, cyan and purple. It's all covered with the green base and dRCS mascot, the rubber duck. It has "dRCS" written on its wing.

OC Live Stream Chat Users (Mentions & Search) | Userscript for YouTube ( greasyfork.org )

Minimalistic userscript that allows you to mention any user in chat by one click on their name or to search for their channel by double or middle click....

This userscript allows you to click on the name in chat to prepend it as a mention in your own message you're about to send.
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