jaschen ,

This dino just described my entire career.

technomad ,

Retro ADHDinos?

kilgore_trout OP ,
@kilgore_trout@feddit.it avatar

The common denominator is dinosaurs, only.

technomad ,

I know, sorry. Lol

ConstipatedWatson ,

This comic explains the true ultimate goal of getting a PhD: being able to utter complete gibberish in a professional way as if it were serious stuff!

bionicjoey ,

Fake it 'til you make it

sagrotan ,
@sagrotan@lemmy.world avatar

That's exactly the point. Especially to yourself.

fckreddit ,

Every big corporation CEO.

oce ,
@oce@jlai.lu avatar

I would say it's even more true for startups except they have less safety nets, so the vast majority fails.

fckreddit ,

You are right. In fact, 90% of all startups fail, irrespective of other factors like type of business, etc. I have seen so many unicorns in my country fail spectacularly in last couple of years that I am mostly convinced that CEOs are just as fools as rest of the people.

THE_MASTERMIND , (edited )

I juat remebered the moon knightsaying random bullshit go

itsnicodegallo ,

They original panel is actually textless.



Yeah i always thought it was such a deadpool thing to say if they were making it should've made it for him

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