FuglyDuck , (edited )
@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

Inan looks rather concerned about whatever it is you’re feeding Scruffy; that fart smelled like death incarnate.

Zerlyna OP ,
@Zerlyna@lemmy.world avatar


hemmes ,
@hemmes@lemmy.world avatar

Are their ears clipped?

Zerlyna OP ,
@Zerlyna@lemmy.world avatar

Inan was a feral (grey) and Scruffy had a hematoma removed about 2 months ago. Now he has a new design feature.

catsdoingcatstuff ,

Scruffy’s squished ear is adorable. Looks like he’s wearing a little fancy hat. 😍

flames5123 ,

Many places clip outdoor/feral/wild cats’ ears when they are vaccinated and/or neutered/spayed. It makes it easy to know if you should capture a certain cat or just release it immediately.

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