limelight79 ,

One of our cats goes into “poor, unloved kitty” mode sometimes. It’s a long mrrrroooowww that makes you think he’s feeling all of the sadness in the world.

It’s like, “Dude, we’re upstairs. Come up and cuddle with us.” (We work from home, and our offices are upstairs.)

We also used to have a female gray tabby that was a sound engineer. She’d find the places in the house that would echo her meows the loudest and let loose there. The house is so quiet since she passed, and we have other cats and a dog. On conference calls, it was much more likely you’d hear her than the dog or the other cats. (The dog has a louder bark, but he rarely uses it.)

Facelikeapotato OP , avatar

Aww, poor drama cat. Mine sometimes wakes up crying, like she’s had a nightmare. You have to pat her calm again, then she goes back to sleep.

Omega_Haxors ,


Cat is in heat. Will not shut up. God’s punishment for not getting your cat fixed. -8000000/10

Kolanaki , avatar

How is silent judgment not a cat sound?

I’m pretty sure cats invented it.

lvxferre , avatar

There’s also:

  • a loud moww moooowww - “look, I hunted it!”. Usually in front of a toy. 9/10 before you went to bed, 0/10 after.
  • a pigeon-like prrrww prrwwwOOOWWW - 6/10 because it’s funny but it reminds you that you got to pay the vet some money to neuter your female.
LillyPip ,

Oh! You just reminded me of the quick chatter with eyes like saucers: when birds or a squirrel are outside the window. 11/10 adorable harmless fun.

ladytaters ,

Ah, the ekekekek! It’s so cute!

rynzcycle , (edited )

Chirp-chirp-chirp. Pleasing to the ears, but clearly signifies your cat's desire to murder. 6/10
Hork hork hork. Grab some paper towels, you get to clean up a hairball. Maybe it won't be on your shoes this time. 0/10

Rootiest ,

Murder-chirps are my favorite cat sound

jballs ,

Those aren’t murder chirps, those are the noises my cat makes looking at birds out the window… oh wait, that makes sense.

Rootiest ,

Mine does them while hunting bugs

ExtraMedicated ,

There’s also a less common, lower pitched “ohh?” sound, which I’ve learned means, “you have seven seconds before I throw up on your bed.”

LillyPip ,

Cat sounds, translated

mrow? where’s my food/attention? I’m asking nicely.

purr: my needs are met and I’m happy.

silent judgement: this is my default setting.

mow-wow-wow: you’ve exceeded my expectations. (quite rare, enjoy it because you’ve earned it!)

AAAAAAAA: something is wrong. good luck figuring out what.

rrrrrrrrrrr!: something is very wrong. good luck figuring out what.

mrrp: you’re pleasing me. keep doing that.

the classic yodel: nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen.

the classic yodel after 1AM: everyone’s a critic.

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