postmateDumbass ,

Trevor Moore Voice Narates: And Kitty Ren named them Kitty Steve Guttenberg, Kitty Ted Danson, and Kitty Tom Selleck.

meep_launcher ,

Do cats defy the laws of entropy while simultaneously being the cause of it?

SorteKanin , avatar

I mean... she kinda literally did. AFAIK the various colours are caused by genetic differences in various parts of the body. It only happens for female cats for some genetic reasons - I believe MinuteEarth or some channel like that has a video on it.

TheBat , avatar

Grey one is unimpressed

selokichtli ,

I love how that cute sight remains in all of them as a whole.

Annoyed_Crabby ,

Captain Planet Kitty Kat!

pfannkuchen_gesicht ,

We also have such a cat and the same happened. Seems to be quite common.

mononomi ,

Genetics hell yeah

FiniteBanjo ,

Brewmaster ult is on cooldown.

Carighan , avatar

I miss that game 😅

FiniteBanjo ,

I felt like everybody in pubs except me was cheating for years, supposedly it's really easy to see through the fog of war.

Donkter ,

This is the beginning of a plot about a sick adventure those kittens are about to make.

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