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I only respond to people who donate, volunteer or run trade-free products and services. I donate to tromsite, signal, wikipedia and khan academy.
Environment scientist. I am interested in , , , , , , , , , lifting, . Science is not a media. I try to avoid, and I am not interested in Media politics, Media religion, media marketing, media economics and trades of those medians.
Living in the Positive Feedback Loop of the Trade (Origin of the most problems) and most of the time talking to the Aliens.
Languages I speak: Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish (very little).
Student on GO game

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@lanstin on Twitter. Software engineer with an interest in ending racism and sexism, and increasing freedom for sex and gender identities/behavior. Attempt to practice Christianity and Buddhism. Mostly posting on software and books so far. Fall 2023 masters student in math at SJSU. 99% grown kids. Love Chennai and Colombo. Activist against the carbon burn. Parent to trans folks. avatar


A former religious studies student based in #Chicago. Photos from #travel - many from #India, #Canada, and around the #USA. Personal Mastodon: cover avatar


Solitary #Buddhist practitioner on the #Noble8FoldPath

Sabbadānam Dhammadānam jināti
The gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts. ~The Buddha

Here to share the gift of true Dhamma for your reflection
May the Buddhasāsana last long!

#Buddhism #Buddha #EarlyBuddhism #EarlyBuddhistTexts #PaliCanon #Theravada #ThaiForestTradition #Dhamma #Dharma #sutta #suttas #RealBuddhaQuotes #BuddhaQuotes #BuddhistQuotes #meditation #mindfulness #metta cover avatar


🐮 shamelessly post-kitsch processualist art and deep pornographic black catastrophism. think of me as the black andy warhol or damien hirst of migraine headaches. my butt farts better than your butt. cover avatar


commentary, delight, documentation, observation, and studies from the field - things EYE see in the an·thro·po·cene


Profile pic = a painted stencil of a six petaled violet flower with green stem and leaves on a white background.

Header pic = Dymaxion Map, showing "the surface of the Earth as one island in one ocean, without obvious distortion of the shapes and sizes of the land areas and without splitting the continents." cover avatar


Following the winding path toward enlightenment. Host of the Spiritual But Not Religious (@SpiritualBNR) podcast.

I have a dog, a cat , a husband, and two kids in college.

Things I enjoy: learning, reading, writing, art, poetry, nature, biology, astronomy, sci-fi, quirky crime shows, campy horror movies, and helping others as I can.

I consider myself very lucky to be where I am and hope to spread love and inspiration to others as I make my way through this life. cover avatar


No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. Alice Walker
Biden-Harris 2024 🇺🇳🏳️‍🌈🇮🇱🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇸
Historic Fine Artist• Acclaimed & Appraised Fine Art Photographer•Respect art •Respect artists Pubd Hopkins U •Flld by Francesca de Medici, Museums Galleries

Thank you to my wife, Ritz. My sister, Dr. M. & Sass
"To avoid criticism; say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." -Plato


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