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I really need to start keeping notes on how/why I put a book to my TBR pile. The East Indian by Brinda Charry was added about a year ago, and I don't remember how I found out about it. A truly unique tale about an Indian boy winding up first in England and then Virginia during the 17th century efforts at colonization, for me this book is historical fiction at its absolute best. It might be one of the best books I pick up in 2024. @bookstodon

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@dbsalk @bookstodon I shall have a look. Thank you for the recommendation

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@dbsalk @bookstodon
Awesome! Sounds right up my alley so it's been added to my TBR list!

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"Good and evil are not fixed, stable entities but are continually trading places... Balance itself is the good."



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@kimlockhartga @bookstodon Indeed! Reading for a second time now, definitely worth revisiting!

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@TootTropiques @kimlockhartga @bookstodon
I also loved this surreal book so much and am tempted to reread it except that there's a steady stream of new good reads to keep me interested.

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I'm trying an experiment: I started a facebook page where I'm posting all my thoughts in short form.

Each post will also have a link to my Goodreads writeup if for those who want more details.

I'm slowly adding my 2024 audiobooks to the page. Take a look if you want. The page will be updated regularly.

@audiobooks @bookstodon

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Good idea.
Good luck

@audiobooks @bookstodon

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I’m a sucker for historical fantasy so A Radical Act of Free Magic by NZ author H.G. Parry is right up my alley. The second book in a duology which began with A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians it centres on Williams Wilberforce & Pitt & the history of the British governments failures to ban the slave trade but with a hefty dose of vampires & krakens thrown in to the mix. Thoroughly enjoyed it & the depiction of the men’s friendship was beautiful @bookstodon

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@FrancescaJ @bookstodon Historical fantasy is my favorite kind of fantasy. The for the rec.

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this rather large novel of interlocking stories, set in 15th century Constantinople, 20th-21st century Idaho, and aboard a spaceship fleeing a ruined Earth, bound together by the characters' fascination with a half-preseved Ancient Greek comedy. I didn't love the whole book - the character of Seymour never rang true to me - but it does wrap together beautifully in the end. @bookstodon

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@RanaldClouston @bookstodon I really loved this one! He has an earlier novel that is also apparently quite well regarded.

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@RanaldClouston @bookstodon This book affected every reader one way or another. I enjoyed it, though a very popular reviewer on Goodreads did not, and the discussion on her review has been going strong since 2021. I still get notifications for it! 😂

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"Thirty-one authors and translators have withdrawn their work from consideration for or declined PEN America’s 2024 literary awards over the organisation’s 'failure to protect' Palestinian writers in Gaza.

"Nine out of 10 longlistees for the PEN/Jean Stein book award, worth $75,000, have withdrawn their books. Christina Sharpe, Catherine Lacey and Joseph Earl Thomas are among the withdrawing writers."

@palestine @bookstodon

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@susurros @palestine @bookstodon


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@dvmheather @bookstodon whichever book you can get your hands on first.

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@beexcessivelydiverting @bookstodon
I have not felt comfortable recommending anything from Tubi since learning it is owned by Fox Corporation. I prefer not to support an organization and family that have pushed our world more towards the inequality that Austen spent her writing life critiquing.

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@forpeterssake @bookstodon I had no idea! I did not update the streaming site I curate and I'm glad I did not!

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It's always been hard to make a living as a writer, but in 2024, it's harder than ever. Dirt has published this depressing but essential essay by David Hill, a union organizer turned author, on the grim reality of writing life. "At the time the National Writers Union was founded [in 1981], $1 a word was considered a bare-minimum rate for freelance writing ... Today it is no longer considered the floor, but a ceiling."


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@CultureDesk @bookstodon “I wrote maybe the best thing I’ve ever written in my life and sold it (and all rights in perpetuity) to Vice for $100.”

That’s rough.

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@CultureDesk @bookstodon fantastic essay

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The Depositphotos deal is back for a limited time! Only $39 for 100 photo/vector downloads from Depositphotos (this never expires). Choose from 270 million+ royalty-free images
Get the deal here:
I use this for self published book covers & social media posts. I find it has a good selection and is much more safe and reliable (in terms of proper licensing) than the completely free places. @bookstodon

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    @KrisBock @bookstodon Deposit is very good. And so much better than AI.

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    Liz Truss, Ten Years To Save The West

    I don't agree with banning books, but this is going to the top of my Never To Be Read list.


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    @chestas @bookstodon
    What’s the shelf life of lettuce again?

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    @chestas @bookstodon
    Liz Truss - the Radical Radicchio.

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    Why nobody has taken by the scruff of the neck and made me read N.K. Jemisin before is an abiding mystery. ‘The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms’ is right up my street.

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    @oarditi @bookstodon Even though I have it I have not read that yet, but have read some later ones, Broken Earth trilogy, and the Great Cities duology. Sigh, one of these days.

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    @oarditi @bookstodon I really like her stuff. I will say that I think people do her dirty when they talk about the Broken Earth series. It's dark fantasy, but people act as if you would be further ahead just drinking poison after getting past the map page because "It's just so difficult to read" (because there's a lot of dark s--- in there) It's not! difficult! to read! She's an incredibly talented writer who tells engaging, complex stories.

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    This looks like an interesting book, but can you call yourself a Titanic survivor if you were never actually on the boat?


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    @willaful @bookstodon Yeah, that part made me twitch more than a little. "Narrow escape" not a "survivor" makes.

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    It's time. @bookstodon 📖

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    @RolloTreadway @bookstodon His other books were very specific about particular theatres, or individuals. I expect this is more sweeping. I should've read it years ago tbh.

    Schnuckster OP , avatar

    Only about 20 pages in, and already it has set out aspects of Russian history from the time of the rise of the Mongol Empire, that seem to resonate to this day, particularly with regard to Putin's position on NATO. Think I'll enjoy this one. 📖 @bookstodon

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