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kyonshi , in Review of "The Light Fantastic" (4.5 stars): Fantastic! avatar

@picard @bookstodon hmm... according to the screenshot those are 3.5 stars

picard , avatar

@kyonshi @picard @bookstodon I noticed that! It's definitely showing 4.5 on Bookwyrm, I think it just broke the image it attached (I believe the image attachment is auto-generated, I didn't do it myself, but I don't know exactly how it achieves it).

kyonshi , avatar

@picard @picard @bookstodon well that's just wrong, how can a Pratchett novel be under 4 stars at all?

madjo , avatar

@kyonshi @picard @picard @bookstodon To be fair, The Light Fantastic isn't the greatest Discworld novel. It was also before Pratchett basically rebooted the world into a satire on real life. The first two novels were satires of 70s fantasy tropes.

picard , avatar

@madjo @kyonshi @picard @bookstodon If I understood right, he said himself to skip the first two if you want. I suppose for that reason. I did enjoy The Light Fantastic a lot more than The Colour of Magic, though. The satire does begin to show up in this second one, but less prominent. I am happy I read both, gives some good backstory to the Discworld etc, but yeah the later ones are when he gets really special.

riggbeck , avatar

@picard @madjo @kyonshi @picard @bookstodon

Pratchett's first novel, written when he was 17, is worth a read. He imagines a world of very tiny people living in the carpet of his lounge.

picard , avatar

@riggbeck @madjo @kyonshi @picard @bookstodon I remember growing up I always wanted to read The Carpet People, but I don't think I ever did.

But I think the earliest books I ever remember reading were the Truckers, Diggers and Wings trilogy. I have no idea how they hold up now, but the fact they stuck in my head after three decades probably says a lot about how important they were to me 😀

passenger , avatar

@picard @riggbeck @madjo @kyonshi @picard @bookstodon

The Carpet People is pretty good, in my opinion. It's very David Gemmell influenced, but I have a soft spot for Gemmell.

picard , avatar

@passenger @riggbeck @madjo @kyonshi @picard @bookstodon Thanks! I may have to source a copy at some point and fulfill my old wish!

riggbeck , avatar

@passenger @picard @madjo @kyonshi @picard @bookstodon

I enjoyed it, though it as a long time ago.

kyonshi , avatar

@picard @madjo @picard @bookstodon personally I think the Colour of Magic is the better of the two. It reads much more natural, while Light is too serious in a lot of ways.

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