forgotaboutlaye ,

I use it for a jumping off point creating an itinerary for trips. Asking to create a 3 day itinerary with a mix of recommended restaurants, bars and cafes in between has been really helpful. The google maps links usually don't work but you need to confirm the places still exist anyway, and adjust as needed.

Eccitaze , (edited ) avatar

Well, I've tried using it for the following:

  • Asking questions and looking up information in my job's internal knowledgebase, using a specially designed LLM trained specifically on our public and internal knowledgebase. It repeatedly gave me confidently incorrect answers and linked nonexistent articles.

  • Deducing a bit of Morse code that didn't have any spaces in it, creating an ambiguous word. I figured it could iterate through the possible solutions easily enough, saving me the time of doing it myself. I gave up in frustration after it repeatedly gave answers that were incorrect from the very first letter.

If I ever get serious about looking for a new job, I'll probably try and have it type up the first draft of a cover letter for me. With my luck, it'll probably claim I was a combat veteran or some shit even though I'm a fat 40-something who's never even talked with a recruitment officer in their life.

Oh, funny story--some of my coworkers at the job got the brilliant idea to use the company LLM to write responses to users for them. Needless to say, the users were NOT pleased to get messages signed "Company ChatGPT LLM." Management put their foot down immediately that doing it was a fireable offense and made it clear that we tracked every request sent to our chatbot.

knightly , avatar

I don't.

And it's not really useful for work either, but that's not stopping my employer from blowing tons of money trying to shoehorn it into everything.

viralJ ,

I use it as my travel agent. It planned my trip to one of a big US cities (did a really good job) and to advise me what I should know as a European driver driving on American roads for the first time.

Edit: Also, Claude by Anthropic is great at re-writing passages of generic text in the style of Donald Trump.

other_cat , avatar

Helping me break down annoyingly long/poorly formatted code segments so I can think more clearly about how to troubleshoot them.

Generating meal plan ideas (I generally do my own thing but having it pick out proteins for any given day of the week helps me to mix things up)

Assisting me as a GM in games for the reasons other people have already mentioned. I also have my hands on a module that lets an LLM pose as an NPC and give dialogue when spoken to that is absolutely fantastic when my players want to talk to some random NPC I don't give a shit about.

Those are the biggest and most every day things.

mondoman712 ,

I've been using one to write cover letters for job applications. It takes a bit of wrangling to get anything, and then a bit more to get it to actually say things that aren't total bullshit, but I find it less tedious than writing them myself.

WormFood ,

if I wanted access to a constant stream of confidently-stated misinformation I would simply open Reddit

kazren ,

Messing with a win11 laptop recently, I asked copilot how to disable copilot. After a couple of tries it told me.

That's about it.

LogicalDrivel OP , avatar

That's hilarious

pedz ,

I use it to consume huge quantities of energy because I despise the human race and life on earth.

skygirl ,

Sometimes I ask it for music recommendations.

But mostly I tend to just use it like a fancy thesaurus when I'm low on mental energy.

RecluseRamble ,

I use Google Translate and DeepL almost every workday for translation stuff.

ChatGPT I use rarely. When I have trouble wording something, I does provide a good starting point though. For example I had to write a birthday card for a business relationship and it helped me greatly with that.

No need for generation so far. No pics, videos in my line of work and coding it always just produced garbage for me. I'm faster on my own and the usual googling. Is that a GPT 3.5 issue? I don't have a paid plan.

pocopene ,

Homework for my 7yo:
Please, write a short story, around 300 words. I want a prince named Anna on it, and a unicorn, a castle and a treasure must be mentioned too.
At the end, write for questions related to the tale.

blazeknave ,

I built an entire multiverse for mine with different worlds and heroes and villains related to each subject. It gives me lesson plans, related stories, science experiments, Minecraft projects, the prompts to put in dall-e for respective images, etc etc, and I create him "issues" of his magazine that combine all the elements.

Leate_Wonceslace , avatar

I have a GUI to interface with locally-run image generators that I sometimes use when I need art for D&D.

loopedcandle ,

I know this is a work example, but it's pretty good at writing Excel formulas. Helpful because my brain works in Python, not spreadsheet.

Also, when I have a word on the tip of my tongue (I know someone said this already), beyond helping me get the word it can help me out context around how it is used.

K0W4LSK1 , avatar

Help me make fancy html for my personal website lol 😂

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