Ask Lemmy

People that own/run a franchise, what's it like?

Just out of curiosity, I'm interested in understanding the experience of running a franchise as an "owner" of the location. I have no intention or desire to run one myself, yet I find it interesting. From the outside, it seems like a weird relationship in which you are the owner and not at the same time. You own the location,...

Good simple Windows PDF viewer/editor for tablet?

I have a Surface Pro 4, and I'm looking for a simple PDF viewer that works well in tablet mode. I used to use Edge, but after they switched to chromium it lost a few key features for me (pen input automatically being a pen instead of scroll, pen eraser working, full screen page swipe rather than scroll, etc). Everything else...

Is arguing "The west does not just send weapons. Europe also helps Ukraine in other ways" nationalism? ( )

I got banned from "World News @" because of “Nationalism”, because I argued that especially Europe does not just send weapons to Ukraine, but does also support Ukraine with the injured, with money and with a perspective after the war… My comment got deleted, too…...

Which movies have aged like fine wine? (either in their message or cinematography)

I recently saw 'Don't Look Now' (1973). Good picture, a little slow perhaps by today's standards but worthy of any movie enjoyer's time! So this movie was shot in Venice. Venice itself being an already beautiful spot to film even today. The way we get to look in a time capsule of Venice in the 70s makes the movie that much...

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