SomeAmateur ,

I like drawing this from time to time. I start with the eyes/nose line first, and people assume it's going to be a dick. Then I finish it and the people that don't know think it's Squidward!

joewilliams007 ,
joewilliams007 avatar

we had that in our school toilet on the wall 😄

mkwt ,

If you're ever on the mall in DC, they've got one of these on the big fancy WWII memorial.

Deceptichum , avatar

Foo was here, the original and Australian.

Steveanonymous , avatar

I am a low voltage electrician and I leave kilroys everywhere I go

Transporter_Room_3 , avatar

I go biking to random places, and I see a lot of them drawn on things along railways. Some super faded, some scratched in, some looking like they were drawn this year.

WhereGrapesMayRule ,

I called out someone for being on Zoom with their camera set too low so only half their face was showing by calling them Kilroy. None of the 12 people on the call had any idea what I was talking about.

flooppoolf ,


ShaggySnacks OP ,
someguy3 ,

I've heard this was the original meme.

anarchrist ,

I thought it was posing with "walk like an Egyptian" arms

Heidur ,

I thought it was Romans drawing cocks literally everywhere

Jambone ,

My dad was in WWII in the Pacific and drew Kilroy for me when I was wee lad.

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