flop_leash_973 ,

How about the ability to create a new label within the Gmail on Android. It has been a thing forever on the iOS app, but not Android for some odd reason.

henfredemars ,

Google has never been very good in the consistent UX department.

GlitzyArmrest ,
@GlitzyArmrest@lemmy.world avatar

The stock Gmail app is so bad. Before I (recently) migrated away, I used FairEmail to access Gmail instead.

1337 ,

What’s so bad about the gmail app compared to fairemail, in your opinion?

GlitzyArmrest ,
@GlitzyArmrest@lemmy.world avatar

It’s laggy, you can’t really customize much, and, most importantly, it’s filled with trackers and analytics on top of the ones that probably already exist on Google’s backend.

MdRuckus ,

About time. Apple has had this in their mail app for years.

db2 ,

About goddamn time.

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