daq ,

Oneplus support is worse than useless and they do not stand behind their products. But I've had several OP phones and they worked just fine. They are definitely better on paper than they actually are.

I'd still consider this watch if it had android pay.

jrgd , (edited )

User-Centric Innovation: Unveiling the Industry-Leading Battery Life

We know how a smartwatch becomes integral to its wearer's life, and battery life can't be a concern. That's why we went back to the drawing board, driven by community feedback, to ensure the OnePlus Watch 2 delivers an exceptional user experience. With up to 100-hour battery life in full Smart Mode, it sets a new industry standard, ensuring that your watch keeps pace with your life, uninterrupted.

Really impressive how OnePlus is touting a relatively mediocre 4-day (at best) battery life on a smartwatch as something exceptional or something that they (falsely) claim as industry-leading. Maybe it is good by typical WearOS device standards, but is by no means top of the line for the smartwatch industry.

PlutoniumAcid ,
@PlutoniumAcid@lemmy.world avatar

To be fair, my Galaxy Watch barely gets 30 hours.

100 hours? Hell yes!

LibsEatPoop ,
@LibsEatPoop@hexbear.net avatar

100-hour battery life in full Smart Mode

Hoo boy that’s a big battery.

LiveLM ,

More like that's a big claim

Steve ,
@Steve@communick.news avatar

I only upvoted for the pun of it.

minb ,


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