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Pixel 9 Pro 5K Renders and 360 Degree Video Provide First Look At Google’s Flagship

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Is there no sign of a Pixel 8a?

edit: I should make wishes more often

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[Android] Digital Check - Create or Check (Verify) Digital Data Offline and in Real Time. (Face and Phone Verification.)

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The reason for Android's Notification system being better than iOS, is solely due to the ability to turn off individual aspects of an application's notifications.

Google, the poor multi-billion dollar scrappy startup that maintains Android, made a payment app that has one notification setting, "Google Pay". So all the ads, promotions, everything.

3rd party apps like PhonePe & Paytm have a better system.

How do you manage to maintain this OS?

@MishaalRahman @androidfaithful @android @android

snowadv ,

Good point about dynamic channels (even though it sounds bad if you consider the notification channel’s purpose) but not true in that particular case: I’ve talked to a bunch of people using Viber and it still has only one active “call” channel

Probably bad coding - should create notification channel when there’s no existing one atm somehow. Probably disabling notification channel also triggers recreation

snowadv ,

I would too but gotta get these “good morning” and “celebrate the day of lightly salted cucumbers” pictures/post cards from my grandparents somehow haha

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Gadgetbridge : Is Bip U Pro supported ?

The clock is not listed at :

But, should be working fine as per the links:


TnSb ,

Yeah, the website doesn’t get updated very frequently I’ve noticed. If it says it’s supported on codeberg then I’m sure it’s supported.

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Schaedelbach ,

Eli5, pls!

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